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Top 5 Ways Outdated LMS Technology Limits Your Business

By: Bob Paulsen on March 20, 2020


Not sure if it's time to upgrade your learning management system (LMS)? It may be time to invest in a system makeover if the platform is not able to keep up with your business needs and goals. Here are 5 signs it's time to update outdated technology: 


1. A Lack of Mobile Functionality 

With remote work growth rates increasing since 2005, an LMS should complement this telecommuting culture. Employees that work on the go need to access materials via smartphone or tablet. The need to work from anywhere at any-time will only increase this year. The freedom to work remotely also saves time. Employees can now stay up to date on mundane and consuming tasks. 

2. Poor Data Analytics and Reporting

The ability to instantly track and check an employee's learning experience is one of the perks of using a mobile LMS. When data limits the ability to show a clear ROI, it can be difficult to narrow down business improvement. Reporting should clearly show insights into where your organization should take action. Also, reporting can provide information on who is accessing and completing training content. Access to analytics can bring insight into creating effective and successful training programs

3. Costly Maintenance

Get everything out of the investment of integrating into a mobile LMS. Understand the costs and fees associated with any software purchase. The cost of maintenance, licensing, data storage, and features should make sense. A mobile LMS solution can provide enormous long-term benefits. Do not disregard business goals for a cheap system. In turn, you may end up with a system that lacks a seamless design and user-friendly features. Also, keep in mind your business may not need a platform that has too many unnecessary features. 

4. Inefficient Integration

Your business lacks efficiency if transferring data from an outdated system to a modern platform is impossible. Information that cannot move between systems will need to be manually completed. This takes up more time to finish system integration. Modern LMS versions make integration easy. Developers will ensure that your business can work in tandem with a new LMS. 

5. Difficult to Use

A platform that is seamless and easy to use is often the best solution. With the growing workforce, industries are now seeing three different generations amongst staff. Technology needs to be all-inclusive at a company. Frustration will increase among employees if an LMS is difficult to use. If an item needs to be located for quick reference, the process should take less than 5 clicks. Employees that have trouble finding documents will not use the LMS that is in place. A smoothly operating platform for both executives and staff is beneficial. 

Better serve your company by upgrading to a modern LMS. Consider your options and review these factors:

  • Does it come with vendor support?
  • Is it customizable? 
  • Is it compliant with data regulation?
  • Are there basic social learning features? 
  • Does the cost fit my business needs? 
  • What impact does upgrading have on the company? 

Enhance LMS training and development within your workforce. Having the right tools in place can guarantee employee engagement and retention. Learn more by reading our new guide:  Your LMS is Holding You Back - 3 Steps to Move to an Integrated Learning Solution.

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