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By: Kristin Howe

5 Ways to Leverage Employee Training Videos in Your Restaurant

The benefits of employee training videos are clear enough - they’re more engaging and convenient - but how do owners and managers make sure it’s the best training practice for their restaurant? Here are five ways they can make more successful hires with video training.

By: Paul Bradley

Becoming a High-Impact Learning Organization by Leveraging xAPI

The purpose of training is to teach new hires how to safely and efficiently take on their jobs. Ideally, once they have perfected these skills, they would advance toward becoming a dependable, capable asset to the business.

By: Gary Iles

How Guided Adaptation Will Revitalize Your Learning & Development

Before we tell you how guided adaptation will revitalize your organization, we feel the need to define it for you, because it’s a relatively new term in the corporate learning lexicon. Guided adaptation uses the function of work as a means for training and learning, as opposed to taking employees out of their element and putting them in an unfamiliar environment.

By: Carrie McFarland

How Video Can Help You Become A High-Impact Learning Organization

To gain and retain an edge in a business culture that moves at internet speed, your company may decide to become a high-impact learning organization. What this means is that everyone – from executives to front-line employees – embraces and understands the value of training, knowledge, and exploration. Video has emerged over the past few years as an essential corporate training tool, and here’s why:

By: Gary Iles

Modern Learning Software Leader, PlayerLync, Launches the First xAPI Solution Integration on Mobile Devices


By: Bob Paulsen

Why Microlearning Is More Engaging Than Traditional Learning

We’ve talked a lot recently about microlearning because it’s addressing employees’ appetite for learning while maintaining their connection to their work. Here’s why we think it’s an ideal training method for today’s workplace.

By: Gary Iles

3 Ways To Make Training Deskless Workers More Efficient

Your staff isn’t tied to their desks anymore, and while it may seem that they’re getting more done, they may not have all the tools they need to be as efficient as possible. We’ve identified these four ways you can help deskless workers be more effective on the job, creating more job satisfaction for them and higher quality work for the organization.

By: Carrie McFarland

Top Employee Training Trends Everyone Is Talking About

It may be surprising to some that a mature segment of education like employee training would have noteworthy emerging trends, but the sector continues to evolve rapidly. Here are some of the topics we are hearing a lot about in the corporate learning community.

By: Bob Paulsen

4 Surprising Ways to Modernize Your Learning Management System

Companies think that modernizing their existing Learning Management System (LMS) has to be expensive, labor-intensive, or both. In fact, there are ways of bringing your existing traditional LMS system up to date without having to spend too much time or money to do so.

By: Gary Iles

6 Dominating Reasons to Ditch Paper and Move to Digital Learning

Paper-based learning was on the ropes before smartphones and tablets arrived but now it’s down for the count. If you’re still using notebooks and binders for your staff education, you are falling further behind your competition every day. Allow us to come out swinging in favor of digital learning.