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By: Gary Iles

What to Look for When Comparing Training Technologies

The first step in optimizing any business’s training methodology is comparing training technologies. No one should be sold on a product that doesn’t best fit the needs of unique operations; what’s good for the competition may not be best for everyone else. Here are just a few key areas to consider.

By: Carrie McFarland

Leading Fast-Casual Brands Rely On Restaurant Technology Solutions

Restaurant technology has evolved with the advent of cloud computing and the boom in reliance on mobile devices. Sure, not every establishment can benefit from big data, but if substantial growth and superior customer service are to be gleaned from the big guys, it’s worth learning more about how it’s done with restaurant tech.

By: Bob Paulsen

Fill Generational Gaps with Mobile Learning Technology

Many people enjoying rewarding careers today started working while still in high school. Overwhelmingly, one’s introduction to the workplace begins in a retail space or restaurant. With the expectation that any “now hiring” advertisement will draw in droves of young people, businesses can help create great future stars in any industry by implementing mobile learning technology.

By: Kristin Howe

Why Micro Learning Is More Effective with Your Restaurant Employees

There’s one aspect of the hiring process that employers often overlook. It’s the fact that many new hires in restaurants absolutely dread training sessions.

By: Carrie McFarland

How Employee Training Technology Can Support Your Franchise System

Franchisors have a lot of unique challenges. Maintaining brand reputation while allowing others to take the lead in separate locations has the propensity to get messy. One methodology simplifying franchisor-franchisee relations is employee training technology.

By: Gary Iles

5 Learning and Development Trends to Follow for the Future

Today’s workforce is increasingly adept at getting things done with tech. This is reflected in the latest learning and development trends, which places focus on mobile devices perfect for on-the-go education. More than that, these trends lead to greater understanding of an individual employee’s impact in the workplace.

By: Bob Paulsen

Next-Gen Learning for Restaurants

Deskless employees can be hard to train and keep up with on an individual level. That’s why restaurants are moving forward into a new age of tech-focused training and continuing education. Concepts like microlearning are still commonly associated with larger establishments even within food service, although businesses with smaller staff and lighter traffic can see improvement in many areas. Here are a few reasons why perceptions are set to change with learning for restaurants.

By: Carrie McFarland

Questions to Ask Before Researching a New LMS

Learning management systems are perfect for not only training, but optimizing and tracking the performance of staff. Taking advantage of this new technology can help retain employees, save money, and of course, boost business. However, as there are a range of systems out there, here are some tips to encourage success in transitioning to LMS.

By: Kristin Howe

5 Ways to Leverage Employee Training Videos in Your Restaurant

The benefits of employee training videos are clear enough - they’re more engaging and convenient - but how do owners and managers make sure it’s the best training practice for their restaurant? Here are five ways they can make more successful hires with video training.

By: Paul Bradley

Becoming a High-Impact Learning Organization by Leveraging xAPI

The purpose of training is to teach new hires how to safely and efficiently take on their jobs. Ideally, once they have perfected these skills, they would advance toward becoming a dependable, capable asset to the business.