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By: Carrie McFarland

5 Ways to Get Started with Video-Based Learning

Where does an organization start when seeking to implement a video based learning system into their company strategy?

By: Kristin Howe

5 Ways to Successfully Communicate LTO’s to Your Restaurant Locations

Limited Time Offers can be some of the most effective means of attracting new clients to your restaurant locations, as well as increasing your engagement with existing customers.

By: Bob Paulsen

Benefits of Going Mobile: How Digital Forms Effect Waste Reduction

Going mobile effectively reduces waste, which can save a company anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars annually, depending on the size of the company and actual amount of traditional paper forms are used.

By: Gary Iles

5 Differentiators of Modern Learning Technology

Modern learning technology has brought about the introduction of innovative and remarkable tools used to retain more knowledge that can then be successfully reproduced in real world activity.

By: Carrie McFarland

Be Honest… Do You Really Have Effective Employee Training?

Effective employee training programs should pay off in a number of ways. Let’s be honest, your company is investing in an employee training system with the hopes of creating an environment of greater sustainability for the business and a better experience for your consumers.

By: Bob Paulsen

Learning Management System Comparison: How to Prioritize Features

Learning Management Systems are in high demand, especially for companies that want to turn their business into a high-impact learning organization through the use of micro learning, social learning, and more.

By: Kristin Howe

Use Just-in-Time Learning & Become a High-Impact Learning Organization

In order to become a high-impact learning organization, you must embrace just-in-time learning. But what exactly is just-in-time learning? This is a concept that has actually been around since mankind first began searching for answers.

By: Paul Bradley

Get Ready the Future of Training is xAPI - What You Need to Know

The future of training is xAPI. Now, you may ask, “What exactly is xAPI?”

By: Gary Iles

What to Look for When Comparing Training Technologies

The first step in optimizing any business’s training methodology is comparing training technologies. No one should be sold on a product that doesn’t best fit the needs of unique operations; what’s good for the competition may not be best for everyone else. Here are just a few key areas to consider.

By: Carrie McFarland

Leading Fast-Casual Brands Rely On Restaurant Technology Solutions

Restaurant technology has evolved with the advent of cloud computing and the boom in reliance on mobile devices. Sure, not every establishment can benefit from big data, but if substantial growth and superior customer service are to be gleaned from the big guys, it’s worth learning more about how it’s done with restaurant tech.