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4 Top Benefits of Going Mobile for Employee Training

By: Bob Paulsen on October 16, 2018

top 4 going mobile with employee training

Going mobile for employee training isn't just a perk, especially in the service industry. In recent years, it's become increasingly necessary for hospitality employees and those in the service industry. If you've been struggling to decide whether or not mobile training is a shift your business needs to make, consider these key benefits.

Benefit #1: It Shows Your Establishment Cares About Technology

Your establishment is taking the necessary steps to stay fresh and updated with the latest advances in technology. Whether you're a restaurant, a hotel, hospitality, or field service, technology is critical to connecting your employees and providing them with the high-quality information and training they need to be able to serve employees effectively. When you opt to go mobile for employee training, it shows that your establishment genuinely cares about keeping up with those technological advances--especially where they can genuinely make your employees' lives easier. 

Benefit #2: It Better Engages Your Audience

No one enjoys long days of training when he or she is stuck in a room, unable to move on with his or her day. In many cases, employees may glaze out or miss out on essential details of the training session merely because they're unable to focus. Mobile learning, on the other hand, allows employees to take their training out in the field with them. They have the option to break it up into segments that work for them, putting the platform down when they become disengaged or start struggling with the available material; and they have the ability to revisit material that didn't make sense the first time or that otherwise needs to be seen again. Not only that, chances are, your employees are accustomed to absorbing their information via mobile platforms, which means that you may be able to reach them more effectively by using this style of learning.


Benefit #3: You Create Better Customer Service Experiences

Customer service is one of the critical attributes of any business, whether you're in field service or a restaurant. When you opt for mobile learning options, you ultimately create better customer service across the board. Employees have access to information they need to serve customers at their fingertips, which means that they're better prepared to handle any challenge that comes their way.

Benefit #4: Your Employees are More Satisfied

When employees are well trained and know exactly what is expected of them, they aren't just able to perform better--they're also more satisfied, overall, with their position. They're more engaged, better prepared, and happier, which means better engagement at work as well as lower levels of employee turnover. More satisfied employees also continue to provide better customer service and are more likely to go above and beyond during their workday.

re you ready to transform the way you train your employees by opting for a mobile learning platform? If you're ready to get started designing better training modules or you want to learn more, contact us today. Alternatively, check out our ebook, The 7 Principles of Modern Learning, to learn more about how to transform learning for your employees. 

the 7 pillars of modern learning 

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