Increase Productivity & Employee Enablement With Franchise Technology

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Operating a franchise requires a complex set of processes. There's so much information that needs passed between corporate and local staff to maintain brand consistency and productivity. There's procedures, records and inventory that all need tracked and understood by every employee to enable them to perform at their best. Fortunately, mobile technology is making this easier than ever before. Here's a few examples of how some of the top companies are using technology to benefit their franchise partners.

Monitoring Reputation

Maintaining brand consistency is a major concern for corporate leaders. Every franchise is separated by both distance and people. Managers or franchise owners at each location tend to have a slightly different idea of how businesses should be run. This becomes an issue for brand reputation and consistency. When procedures vary between locations, consumers lose confidence that they'll receive the same experience at each franchise location. Modern technology can solve this problem with programs that monitor individual franchise locations and insure cohesive operations. This can be done by data collection, video or audio monitoring and open lines of communication.

Employee Training

Digital training programs increase employee enablement, by providing them with best training possible. Corporations are able to ensure that individual employees and franchise locations are all learning the same procedures and process. This helps maintain consistency throughout the company. When everyone is connected and up to date on the latest standards and policies, businesses run smoothly. Training videos and courses or apps provide each worker with a standard concept of company procedures. In this way, consumers receive a consistent product and experience at every franchise location. Digital training increases employee enablement, by providing them with best training possible. Mobile programs allow the worker access to training material right at the job location. This increases learning retention and engagement, when the employee is able to practice new information right away and blend learning into daily operations. Compare this with the traditional method, of watching a training video in the backroom, and you'll quickly see why mobile applications have so many benefits.

Performance Feedback

Technology that monitors employee performance, through data collection, provides feedback for the employee, franchise owners and corporate managers. This gives the employee a chance to know exactly what they are doing right and what areas they need improvement. It also gives management valuable information on which workers should be rewarded and who may need more supervision or help. A few examples of data that could be monitored would be, sale numbers of individual employees or franchise locations, customer feedback, and average time to complete processes. When every employee is performing at their best, this increases productivity and business success.

Top franchise companies are embracing digital technology and seeing outstanding results. These are only a few of the ways technology can be implemented, the possibilities are practically endless. To learn more about how technology can benefit your business by increasing productivity and employee enablement, download a copy of our guide: How Mobile Learning Technology Drives a Consistent Customer Experience.

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