The Importance of Modern Learning in Business

By: Gary Iles on August 30, 2018


What is the one thing that is most frequently associated with modernism? The answer is, of course, technology! We live in an age where virtually everything that we need can be accessed, adapted, and improved through the use of technology. Modern learning and communication are no exception.

We can use technology to enhance business operations through the utilization of adaptable learning and advanced communication techniques. 

What is Modern Learning?

When we refer to modern learning, we are referring to the style of learning that involves the utilization of technology, the advanced method of synchronizing multiple learning styles, and the quick access to information that has been integrated into our culture of instant gratification.

Modern learning, in terms of training, withdraws from the traditional classroom structure, and even from the method of extensive one-on-one training through seasoned employees. Rather, modern learning enables employees to learn at their own pace through the utilization of videos, text, Q&A, tasks, tests, and other learning activities.

Why We Need to Modernize Learning

As the world advances, trends change, and technology continues to take its place at the center of attention, teaching and learning styles must adapt to follow suit. An article from Forbes draws attention to at least two critical details pertaining to the need for modernized learning. First, that the corporate learning environment is poor due to the continued utilization of older learning management systems. Second, that 83 percent of companies, out of a sample of 10,000, say that reinventing careers and learning is important, and 54 percent of those respondents said that it was urgent.

Udemy's 2018 Millennials at Work Report reports that "[42 percent] Say that L&D [learning and development] is the most important benefit when deciding where to work" and "Less than half [42 percent] said their current employers provide learning, development, and training opportunities."

In todays world, paper is not as effective as a digital platform - Marcin Kedzierski, IT Director for Blaze Pizza


Advanced Communication

Communication has always been, and will forever remain, one of the most important aspects of successful business operations. Managers need to effectively communicate with employees, and employees need to communicate with managers and one another. It is also a prime factor in customer service training.

Although the importance of proper communication is widely acknowledged, the practice of effective communication remains an area of much-needed improvement within organizations of all sizes. An article from the Society for Human Resource Management observes two quantitative reports that point to the high cost of ineffective communication within organizations. The first report stated that "a survey of 400 companies with 100,000 employees each cited an average loss per company of $62.4 million per year because of inadequate communication to and between employees." The second stated that "miscommunication cost even smaller companies of 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year." That's a ton of money going to waste due to ineffective communication.

Through modern learning and the use of technology, we can help to diminish the cost of poor communication. Training in this area and others are readily available for continuous learning opportunities. Coworkers and managers can take more effective messages, record better notes, and have them delivered instantaneously. Taking prompt action and ensuring the delivery of needed communications is the key to success. 

Modern learning techniques are not utilized nearly enough in businesses. Gain a competitive advantage through the improvement of modern learning for your business. It will improve employee retention and satisfaction, and smooth business operations by making continuous learning easier for employees and managers. Contact us for more information on modern learning technology.

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