Four Ways Mobile Workforce Management Solutions Build Success

Four Ways Mobile Workforce Management Solutions Build Success
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You can love it or hate it, but there's no way to argue that mobile devices and digital information are the modern method of communication. But should you be using these to boost your mobile workforce and business success? Yes, and here's why.

Mobile workforce management software includes components for training, corporate communications and operational checklists, delivered in a mobile format.  It allows employees to access this information from their mobile device at their point of need, empowering staff and managers to make better decisions in less time. It gives them the information they need when they need it, wherever they are.

For a mobile workforce that includes deskless employees in the restaurant and retail industries, it's the ideal way to boost productivity. It's an efficient system and the best solution for onboarding, training and retaining employees as well as optimizing their performance.

The business world shows a clear trend toward digital processes. Mobile electronic information allows an efficiency that paper-focused formats and desktop systems can't. Equipping your business with a mobile workforce management solution to help employees work smarter and be more productive is the logical way to use this trend to your business' advantage.

Learn four ways mobile workforce management solutions can benefit your business.

The Mobile Workforce: Ramping Up Your Organization for Success

Employee Management Solution: Consistently hire, train and develop the right mobile workforce

You will better engage mobile employees with simple and effective eLearning.

The best scheduling solution: Hiring managers can queue training to a new employee's file, allowing your staff to access required training in a self-service format delivered to their mobile device. The digital content engages employees with videos, checklists, and tests of knowledge, and it accelerates their time to competency. This takes the burden off managers and guarantees that employee training is consistent and documented.

For existing employees, having access to eLearning allows them to control the pace of their upward mobility. Retaining and developing employees to move to the next level provides a critical advantage in industries where turnover is typically high.

For more information about onboarding and training a mobile workforce, see the PlayerLync guide to Ramping Up Your Organization for Success.

Define successful behavior and replicate it with operational checklists

Managers can identify the most effective employee habits, and define the best behavior that aligns best with their mission, culture and customer needs. These then become standard operations and procedures that can be digitized as operational checklists for employees to access on the device they use for their work. Sharing these across the organization creates a consistency in an employee's job and customer experiences.

Better communication means creating and publishing content easily

Communicate and collaborate with your mobile workforce instantly. Managers can use in-app messaging and SMS to mobile devices, so employees get messages wherever they are. Communication can include a variety of formats, such as text and video, to engage viewers better. Employees can be encouraged to share their ideas and best practices with the group. And user-friendly mobile content allows front line workers to access company data and information as needed, right on the device they're using to do their job.

Give your managers the gift of time with an employee management solution

Communicating with and managing a mobile workforce takes a lot of extra time if you're running around to deliver and receive information. Providing a powerful, efficient and user-friendly system to get that done will allow managers to focus more on business, and less on logistics.

"At its core, a manager's job description lists overseeing daily operations, ensuring employee productivity, monitoring efficiency of all processes and creating a positive workplace environment," states Rick Bell of "Because there are nuances to every aspect of a manager's responsibilities, freeing up time could be the biggest perk an employer could provide for their supervisory staff. By implementing mobile workforce management solutions, employers empower their managers to make the right decisions in less time through software solutions."

Mobile devices and digital technology are here to stay. Businesses that use them to their advantage will be better in step with the needs of their employees, their service and their customers, and better prepared for success.