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How to Use Modern Technology to Recruit Millennials in Hospitality

By: Carrie McFarland on December 12, 2019


Today, tech is probably the most effective way to attract millennials to the hospitality industry. This is so because millennials have been raised in the age of information and will relate relatively better to modern technology compared to previous generations. Further, millennials represent a huge population of the American workforce. But in most working environments, this group may be regarded as lazy, uninspired, or less concerned about the overall success of the company.  

The big question is, how can one use modern technology to attract Millennials to the hospitality industry? In this post, we discuss proven ways to attract, train and retain millennials to the hospitality industry:

Providing a more convenient manual

Mobile training Software is emerging as a wonderful alternative to training manuals that most millennials ignore. The best part about using this software is the accessibility to content on tablets, which is less intimidating and more portable than a thick binder. Furthermore, the use of these applications provides any easy way to deliver updates that ensure that every training employee remains as current as possible. 

Offering more interaction

The best way to encourage easy learning among millennials is by using video training. Using this type of training provides a clear picture of what should be done compared to written words on pages. It also provides more interaction with the content. Imagine a newbie asking for help only to be told, "Didn't you read the manual." It brings a negative impression on the individual, and they might even consider taking another job. 

Providing a multimedia experience

With mobile training software, you can maximize your learning by exploring varying multimedia options. A good example is getting a combination of audio and video files that millennials can read, watch, and even listen to when learning. A good example is when an employee is capable of reading about how to organize food prep for lunch, followed by a video that shows him or her the steps to take along the way. This way, the employee can have the best experience and enjoy the learning process. 

Microlearning content

Considering the characteristics of the millennials, it's ideal that they have access to easy learning. Restaurants can work to improve the training content by providing easy to digest content with the shortest increments as possible. 

According to the Nation's Restaurant News highlights, platforms like YouTube have changed ways of learning forever. Video training and instructional content make every employee's training experience brief and memorable. Certainly, millennials would prefer this type of learning. 

Having technology is one of the most important aspects of the modern world. You can use technology to encourage millennials to join the hospitality industry. These methods also provide a more flexible way to manage your new employees for a productive working environment.

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