Mobile Learning Has Changed How We Live, Now It's Time to Change How We Work

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For the first time ever, the number of smartphones exceeds the number of humans on the planet. Over 75% of our workforce has an active online presence and utilizes technology in daily life. The Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey is an ongoing study based on responses gathered from over 6,000 organizations and 40,000 learners since 2003. "One of the most important conclusions they've come to regarding learning is that mobile learning is transforming training in the workplace."

Mobile learning is an integral part of the modern-day workplace because mobile living is an essential component of how we operate in our own lives. The old ways of training employees just don't make sense anymore. It's ludicrous to think that employees who are able to access anything they want at the touch of a button, who can find the answer to any question they might have with the click of a finger, are going to engage with a dusty dictionary-sized training manual that requires using a physical appendix to find the solution to a simple query.  

If the downsides are clear, the benefits of mobile learning are even clearer. In 2013, the average human attention span was a meager 8 seconds. Not only do employees learn faster through digital training methods; they learn better, retaining more information and actively engaging with the content. If you're still not convinced that mobile technology will benefit you and your business, read on for the top 3 ways that employees and employers benefit from e-learning as the primary employee training tool for retailers.

digital & mobile transformation in the retail industry

Personalized Recognition and Feedback

One study found that 58% of employees believe that more recognition would improve their engagement at work. At scale, this can be difficult on a day-to-day basis. Not so with mobile learning software and strategies. The right platforms can personalize training modules for employees based on a variety of factors, and then respond to their progress with individual recognition as well as targeted feedback. That level of personalized recognition and response is truly priceless for the leadership and development team at a large or small retail company. 

Ability to Self-Pace and Self-Own 

When employees have access to training modules on mobile devices, it gives them a heightened sense of ownership over their own career development. Not only do they have the option of how they access training modules, but they can also choose to do so at times and places convenient to them. For some, that may include e-learning during their train commute to work. For others, they can access pertinent training modules in the field, at the exact moment that they need it. Employees can also set their own pace as they work through training modules. Some learn better through reading text; others will want to watch every video included. Some employees may want to complete the entire training in one sitting; others in shorter bursts. 

Increased Engagement; Increased Productivity 

Perhaps the biggest reason that digital and mobile learning has impacted employee training for retailers to such a degree is that it increases engagement amongst workers. In one study, a vast 82% of employees said that it is very important that their companies address employee engagement, and the HR professionals at those companies touted the effects of employee engagement: willingness to do more than expected (39%), higher productivity (27%), better working relationships (13%) and more satisfied customers (10%). And if you need any proof that people are engaged by mobile devices, just take a look around the next time you're out at the shopping mall or a restaurant. The current generation is constantly on their phones, constantly watching and posting and blogging and retweeting. Instead of fighting the curve, lean into it. The boost in productivity you'll see will be well worth it. 

With mobile learning, both companies and careers benefit. Interested in reading more about innovative and cutting-edge mobile training and management solutions? Download our research report "Digital & Mobile Transformation in the Retail Industry" today.