How Mobile Learning Can Create Positive Change in Defining Workplace Culture

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There are a lot of mobile learning platforms out there and the sheer number can create some confusion in digital transformation. Employees are already looking at their phones for a cumulative time equivalent to an extra lunch break or two. Still, research shows that people spend only a few minutes at a time in each application and more people in younger generations are leaving their workplaces because they feel their learning falls stagnant. Using the right mobile learning platform can combat these pitfalls and create positive changes in your workplace culture that make digital transformation work for you instead of against you. 

Enriching the Employee Experience

While your employees may dread watching an hour long video with a quiz at the end, that doesn't mean you can't use a seamless digital workplace program that gives them an experience conducive to better training. According to Gartner's "How to Strengthen Your Digital Workplace Program to Sustain Digital Transformation", it's important to equip your employees with the tools they need to follow through with the experience they have in the digital workplace. Prepare employees to support your objectives by arranging an experience that involves them in what they need to learn. 

Prepare to Implement a Learning Culture

As you design a mobile learning program and choose the right platform for your business, it's also prudent that you set up a learning culture within your team. The team members aren't the only people involved in learning in your business. There are supporting players that also need the right tools to cultivate positive change within your workplace culture. This means incorporating learning in every area. 

Employ Positive Reinforcement

This concept has been done a million times and there's a reason for that. The concept works. As you transfer to mobile learning and seek positive change in your workplace culture, it's important to reinforce good behaviors. Tools that are given must be used and when they are, highlight that as an example for others to follow. Use a visual representation of progress among employees when you implement new experiences. This encourages healthy competition, growth, and engagement. 

Integrate New Practices Into a System

Most employees respond to a posted routine, especially when it's done at every shift. Servers are used to pre-shift meetings, getting through a rush, side work, cleaning, and wrap up. Hospitality employees have set times when people check in and check out. They have routines that integrate with each department so that guests are always comfortable and problems are resolved quickly. When you seek positive change in the workplace culture, integrating that into your current routine or trying to change things in waves helps employees adapt. In turn, that leads to lasting changes. 

Know What Your End Goal Looks Like

Clarity in your vision will transfer to clarity for your employees. Be succinct in what your end goal is and reiterate it throughout the mobile learning process. A clear and succinct message is easier to integrate into every part of the process and eliminates confusion among employees and colleagues alike. These guidelines will ensure that the positive changes you attempt to create in defining new workplace culture engage everyone and encourage them to be involved, stay motivated, and succeed. 

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