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4 Ways Top Companies are Using Franchise Technology

By: Gary Iles on April 17, 2019


America is home to the world's successful franchises, like McDonald's and Great Clips, and business is booming. Franchises contributed about one million new jobs in the past few years, and that progress is expected to continue as the industry outperforms other sectors of the economy thanks to franchise technology.

With a ready-to-implement business model and huge support from the franchisor, franchising continues to appeal to entrepreneurs aspiring to own a company without developing it from scratch. But as it grows, the franchise model also comes with unique challenges, including:

  • Brand consistency
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Barriers to information insights

Fortunately, franchisors can solve most of these challenges by extending mobile systems to franchisees. Wondering how?

Maintain Brand Consistency

Maintaining franchise brand consistency is vital for growth as it helps attract new customers and franchisees. This means implementing uniform processes in how franchisees manage tasks like costing, ordering supplies and invoicing.

Going rogue in any of these elements can adversely affect customer experience, costs, quality of service, and ultimately the overall brand. Sadly, new franchisees often struggle with conformity because several tasks are grounded in manual, paper-driven processes.

For example, a franchisor is responsible for consistent pricing. Any price changes are usually added to a price book, printed and shipped to each franchisee to review and incorporate the modifications. It's a burdensome, time-consuming process that builds the potential for inconsistencies and errors.

Technological advances such as mobile systems and cloud computing can bring uniformity. For instance, mobile systems make it possible for franchisees to seamlessly convert commonly used information to mobile-friendly apps. This creates a standardized process for collecting and sharing key information across the franchise network.

Here's Gold Star on franchise consistency...


Removes Barriers To Information Insights

Using mobile systems to capture data offers benefits beyond ensuring consistent processes in franchises. These systems encourage collaboration and information sharing across the entire franchise network.

Usually, data collected by individual franchises remains there. Hardly is it accessible to the entire franchise network to be employed in making strategic and operational decisions. But when franchisors extend mobile systems to franchisees, the process of data collection and sharing get digitized and automated. Consequently, doors open and information barriers begin to disintegrate.

Franchisors can easily import the data collected by each franchise in its network into any analytics tool. This gives franchisors the opportunity to enjoy better, real-time visibility across their branches without appearing as constantly interfering.

Enhances Onboarding

For many franchises, the point of onboarding is to have new franchisees fill out franchise agreement. But by using paperless forms that can be easily accessed via a mobile device, new franchisees can complete them anywhere, and even save time with auto-fill features.

By embracing mobile systems, franchisees can get through the boring forms quickly and focus on getting up to speed in their new businesses venture. That means spending more time growing the franchise.

Encourages Digital Training

A 2015 InterCall Study found that 76% of full-time employees received in-person classroom training, but 47% of them wanted the ability to go through the onboarding material at their own pace. In fact, 39% of the respondents wanted to revisit and review the content any time they needed to.

Using mobile systems during onboarding gives new franchisees those benefits. They can go through the information using devices such as an iPad and take more time with the information. They can also revisit the training program for a refresher at any point in their franchise contract.

These are just a few ways mobile systems can transform franchises. Companies that adopt new franchise technology will succeed. To learn more, download our guide, 6 Actionable Ideas for Driving Employee Engagement Through Mobility

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