Linking Mobile Learning, Brand Consistency, Customer Experience

By: Bob Paulsen on May 16, 2019


The first time customers walk into a store or restaurant, it's probably because they're curious, heard about the place, saw an advertisement. The second time they walk in—and the Nth time—it's because of the total brand: the product quality, he service excellence, the consistent ambience… The customer becomes a regular, a patron, a fan. It really comes down to expectations attached the brand: expecting satisfaction, expecting pleasure, then making it "a favorite stop." Any shop or restaurant must make sustaining those expectations a priority. Because, if they are sustained a dozen times, they are taken for granted; if they are disappointed once, the entire experience goes on trial.

Whether we are talking about a single business, a citywide group, or a national or international chain, the challenge is the same. For one business, it is brand consistency over shifts and time. For the chain, it is that, plus brand consistency over stores—even hundreds or thousands of stores.

We don't think the answer to sustaining brand expectations is "simple," but we do think the essential solution can be briefly stated: consistent information that reaches consistently prepared (trained) employees when they need it and in a form they like. See what Crocs thinks below... 


Mobile learning has arrived—and is coming on stronger all the time with Gen Z. Here are a few of the benefits:  

  • Regular communication of information and systematic training for staff and employees—any number, anywhere, anytime.
  • Ability to create courses, quizzes, checklists, and a host of other educational materials enlivened with audio, video, infographics, and any level of teacher-learner interaction you choose.
  • Ability to achieve consistency of the "message" across shifts, across time, across stores, across national borders. To come back to where we began this discussion: Consistency of information and training means brand consistency. Brand consistency translates into a consistent customer experience, meeting customer expectations, converting that first walk-in into customer loyalty.

Are you taking a fully integrated approach to customer expectations, brand, employee training, and mobile learning? Feel free to download our complimentary guide "6 Actionable Ideas for Driving Employee Enablement Through Mobility." It's critical for employees to have access to current resources needed as they perform their work, no matter where they are within the restaurant or retail floor. For these more mobile employees, a communication and engagement strategy is absolutely crucial for driving consistency. The right solutions enable your team and increase productivity.

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