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How YouTube has Changed Employee Training

By: Carrie McFarland on December 26, 2017

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In the past, employee training was based on personal interactions, guidebooks and seminars. Everything has changed with the advent of the internet, and the popularity of streaming video. We want access to information and training when we need it. Sites like YouTube allow us to become experts in virtually anything. But what is the specific impact of YouTube on employee training? Here is our assessment:

Training Videos

It's extremely easy to create videos these days. It doesn't take more than a high-quality smartphone to shoot a video, a decent computer to edit it, and a platform to distribute the video. Companies are now able to leverage modern learning systems to distribute employee training videos easily, across their organizations. When employees need to learn a new skill or need a reminder of how to do something, they can easily reference a short video.

In-House Training

The need to hire people from the outside to conduct training is in the past. The days of hiring a random person who no one at the company has never spoken to – and asking them to conduct training are long gone. With advancements in mobile technology, companies can have their own employees conducting and sharing training videos. It just takes a few employees to participate in an employee training video, and that video can be used to teach others who enter the company in the coming years.

Efficiency and Flexibility

With training videos, the efficiency of training is a lot greater than in the past. Instead of sitting down for an hour-long seminar on the training day, employees can check out multiple five or ten-minute videos and learn all that is needed. Similar to YouTube in our personal lives, by leveraging a mobile training system employees can reference video whenever wherever.

Constant Education

Training doesn't have to be limited to new hires. Video helps to create a continuous learning environment for all of your employees. Similar to YouTube, by utilizing a modern learning system, companies have the option to constantly train and re-train their employees when it is necessary. The training is immediate, cost-effective, efficient and results oriented. It also costs much less to produce these training videos, which means companies can regularly update the content to ensure that it is relevant to the most recent goings on at the business.

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