How YouTube has Changed Employee Training

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Gone are the days when employee training relied on face-to-face interactions, guidebooks, and seminars. The digital revolution, coupled with the rise of streaming video, has completely transformed the way we seek information and acquire new skills. Platforms like YouTube have empowered us to become experts in any field imaginable. But what exactly is the impact of YouTube on employee training? Let's delve into our analysis:

Training Videos

Creating videos has become incredibly simple in today's digital age. All you need is a high-quality smartphone to shoot the video, a decent computer to edit it, and a platform to share it. This means that companies can easily distribute employee training videos through modern learning systems across their entire organization. Whenever employees need to learn a new skill or simply refresh their memory on a task, they can easily access a short video for guidance.

In-House Training

The days of relying on outside individuals to conduct training are long gone. No longer do companies have to hire random people who have never interacted with anyone in the company to provide training. Thanks to advancements in mobile technology, companies can now empower their own employees to create and share training videos. With just a few employees participating in an employee training video, it can be used to educate future employees who join the company in the years to come.

Efficiency and Flexibility

With the use of training videos, the effectiveness of employee training has significantly improved. Gone are the days of sitting through long, hour-long seminars. Now, employees can easily access short, five or ten-minute videos that provide all the necessary information. Just like how we use YouTube in our personal lives, a mobile training system allows employees to reference these videos anytime, anywhere.

Constant Education

Training doesn't have to be limited to new hires. Video helps to create a continuous learning environment for all of your employees. Similar to YouTube, by utilizing a modern learning system, companies have the option to constantly train and re-train their employees when it is necessary. The training is immediate, cost-effective, efficient and results oriented. It also costs much less to produce these training videos, which means companies can regularly update the content to ensure that it is relevant to the most recent goings on at the business.

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