5 Top Trends in Training for Retail Employees

5 Top Trends in Training for Retail Employees
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The rapid advancement of technology is revolutionizing the landscape of retail staff training. With a plethora of innovative methods available at your fingertips, you can now provide just-in-time training to your employees.
The rise of online shopping has heightened customers' expectations, demanding immediate access to information and support. To avoid the tedious process of training staff in a secluded room, equip them with the necessary tools to provide exceptional customer service on the sales floor. Consider implementing these five retail employee training trends now to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Retail Training Through Mobile Learning

Deskless workers need a seamless way to get information wherever they are. Mobile eLearning services and applications allow you to deliver sales training tutorials, company updates, and important information to your store iPads or tablets. Mobility also gives management a new set of tools to allow tracking and managing employee progress. Mobile dashboards let you see both what employees are struggling with and what their interests are, allowing for pointed guidance.

Retail 101 e-book


Small bits of information delivered in moderation have more impact than one giant training session. Compact, easy-to-learn diagrams or videos stay with learners, especially when provided on the sales floor. Once they’ve mastered what has been assigned, they can demonstrate what they’ve learned before moving on.

Retail Staff Performance Support

With performance support, your retail staff can access quick and easy video tutorials and written information on their mobile devices to assist customers on the sales floor. This not only provides continued attention to customers, but also empowers employees with knowledge and skills, leading to a more engaged and confident workforce.

Multimedia Content

One of the greatest advantages of using a robust e-learning platform to train your retail staff is the creative freedom it provides. With the ability to tailor training courses to fit your employees' learning styles, you can utilize various media formats such as videos, quick reference checklists, and 360-degree photo or video walkthroughs to deliver the most effective training possible. From demonstrating how to fold a sweatshirt to showcasing a new store setup, the possibilities are endless.

Data-driven Learning

Data-driven learning is a game-changer in the retail industry, enabling companies to customize training programs for individual employees. By analyzing learning reports, you can identify patterns and trends in employee performance, and use this data to create targeted training programs that address specific knowledge gaps. This approach can also help you to identify high-performing employees who may be ready for additional responsibilities or a promotion. Utilizing mobile-first tools takes this one step further, allowing your employees to access training materials on-the-go, at a time and place that suits them. This empowers your employees to take control of their own learning and development, and can help them to identify career paths and opportunities that align with their interests and aspirations. By embracing data-driven learning, you can create a more engaged and motivated workforce, and equip your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles.

By incorporating these five innovative training methods into your retail business, you can gain a competitive advantage and foster a highly-skilled and motivated workforce. Not only will your employees be better equipped to provide exceptional customer service, but they will also feel valued and engaged in their roles. A well-designed learning program can truly set your business apart in today's fast-paced and demanding marketplace.