5 Top Trends in Training for Retail Employees

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Advances in technology are changing the face of retail staff training - fast. There are many new ways for you to train employees, right there on the spot. Shopping on the internet has driven expectations to the point that shoppers expect information and assistance without waiting. Instead of spending hours trying to train employees in a backroom and then monitoring them, give them the tools they need to deliver excellent customer service on the sales floor. Here are five retail employee training trends you should implement in your business right now:

Retail Training Through Mobile Learning

Deskless workers need a seamless way to get information wherever they are. Mobile eLearning services and applications allow you to deliver sales training tutorials, company updates, and important information to your store iPads or tablets. Mobility also gives management a new set of tools to allow tracking and managing employee progress. Mobile dashboards let you see both what employees are struggling with and what their interests are, allowing for pointed guidance.


Small bits of information delivered in moderation have more impact than one giant training session. Compact, easy-to-learn diagrams or videos stay with learners, especially when provided on the sales floor. Once they’ve mastered what has been assigned, they can demonstrate what they’ve learned before moving on.

Retail Staff Performance Support

Performance support provides retail employees with easy-to-access video tutorials and written information that can answer their questions right there on their mobile devices. Your customers will appreciate the continued attention and your employees will feel empowered to help shoppers, learning along the way.

Multimedia Content

The beauty of using a robust eLearning platform for training your employees is having the freedom to create the content you need. You can create training courses with the media formats that you think will best teach your employees. A video may be the best option for showing how to fold a sweatshirt, while a quick reference checklist is the right document for reviewing closing procedures. A 360-degree photo or video walkthrough can help show a new store setup to the onboarding staff.

Data-driven Learning

When viewing learning reports, you may notice certain training modules resonate more with some employees than others. Data-driven learning highlights your employee’s experiences with your training program, providing useful feedback that you can use to hone and develop your tutorials. Your staff can also use the eLearning system to view trainings that appeal to them, helping guide them on their career path.

Implementing these five learning strategies as soon as possible can give your company a leg up on the competition, not only by having better-trained employees, but also an engaged retail staff that feels valued. A good learning program is a competitive edge that can help make the difference in today’s in-demand workplace.

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