How to Track Employee Effectiveness with a Mobile Learning System

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Setting up a mobile learning system as part of your company's employee training program allows you and your employees to utilize smart phones and tablets as access points for a variety of training tools and content. The great thing about incorporating a mobile learning software into a training program is that in addition to enabling employees to access the training material anytime and from anyplace, employers can look at the results of the training material and gauge the effectiveness of the employee training and how well each employee works within the organization.

Here are the different ways a mobile learning system enhances employee training:

  • Instant Access to Pertinent Information
  • Personalized Learning
  • Gamification of training sessions
  • Improved connectivity
  • Content organized into bite sized chunks

Employees respond well to mobile training tools. You can use the same tools to determine the effectiveness of each employee on your team.

There are multiple ways you can use mobile learning systems to help you gauge the effectiveness of any employee.

Find Out Which Skills They've Acquired

All it takes is a quick glance at the records to determine which skills the employee has mastered and which ones they continue to struggle with. Not only does this help you determine if the employee is working through the training program in a timely manner, but also helps you access their natural aptitude for certain skills.

Getting a Handle on the Employee's Behavior

Business owners have found that by tracking how quickly and smoothly the employee is making their way through the mobile learning program, they learn some crucial information about the employee's behavior. The way the employee handles the course helps the employer learn how quickly they learn, how eager they are to make it through the program, and how detail oriented they are.

the digital revolution - impacts of mobile learning software on gen z employees

How Well the Employee Retains Information

By setting up a training program that requires the employee to remember knowledge they picked up during an earlier training session, employers start to understand how well each employee retains information. Having this information helps the employer know how to better explain tasks and responsibilities to the employee, and which employees they should be scheduled to work with.

Get a Handle on an Employee's Attitude

The mobile learning software route is a great way to get any early idea about the overall attitude of an employee. If they move through the program's different stages at a steady clip, ask questions, and talk about what they've learned, employers can rest assured that they have acquired a great employee will almost always have a go-get-them attitude while working at the company.

Identify Weak Points in the Training Program

Evaluating the employees as they make their way through the mobile learning program, employers not only get a solid idea about the efficiency of each person on the payroll but can also use the results to determine if there are parts of the training program that aren't effective. If all of the employees struggle to make it through a specific section, it's time to see how that information can be made clearer.

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