Go Digital: Mobile Employee Training for Retailers

By: Gary Iles on November 28, 2018

Go Digital: Mobile Employee Training for Retailers

Most businesses find that making time to train and develop employees is a real challenge; and then determining what the best training approach would be only adds to the struggle. Over the last few years many organizations, such as Merrill Lynch, have found that mobile learning programs have streamlined the training and development process, improved learning outcomes, and added dynamism and flexibility to employees' learning environment. Companies who are sticking to the traditional methods of employee training are quickly being left behind. What are some reasons that incorporating digital and mobile systems into employee training for retailers is so vitally important?


First of all, having a mobile delivery system in place saves time that otherwise would be spent in producing and shipping training materials. Files and packets can be distributed over the digital network at lightning speed, minimizing wait time and maximizing efficiency.


Along with speed comes the ability to change the training program as needed. Imagine having to update printed materials every three to six months: the countless hours of rewriting, reformatting, proofreading, and then reprinting and reshipping. And in the world of modern retail, updates and tweaks to employee learning and development systems have to be made quite often! What's the solution? Digital and mobile employee training for retailers eliminates many of the headaches that come with the traditional method of delivery. It can be as easy and streamlined as updating an app on the employee's phone or tablet.

Use of Video

Digital and mobile systems also offer another huge advantage: the easy use of visual material in training. Psychology Today's Dr. Haig Kouyoumdjian reports that "the part of the brain used to process words is quite small in comparison to the part that processes visual images." In other words, most employees will learn much more effectively, (and much more quickly), through video training, instead of just written information. Tablets and smartphones compress video files and can minimize the amount of resources used in this way.


Not only can retailers leverage the use of video in their training, but with mobile technology they can also give their employees the option to train basically anywhere and anytime. Flexibility in this way is a big plus for companies that want to develop employees in a tighter time-frame; and self-motivated employees also benefit from the option to extend their learning according to their personal schedule.


Finally, a mobile learning environment is a driver for collaborative learning. Nowadays we are conditioned to communicate through mobile systems as it is, and mobile employee training for retailers leverages this to the company's advantage. Mobile technology makes it easy for employees to share information, tips, and suggestions with one another in a streamlined, integrated way.

the digital revolution - impacts of mobile learning software on gen z employees

Without a doubt, digital and mobile training systems offer organizations key competitive advantages. When it comes to the power of digital and mobile platforms to boost employee learning and development, you don't want to find yourself on the outside looking in. To learn how your company can stay ahead of the game, be sure to examine The Digital Revolution: Impacts of Mobile Learning Software on Generation Z Employees. Leverage the advantages of digital and mobile employee training to keep your company thriving.


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