4 Ways to Use Video for Retail Performance Support in Your Stores

By: Bob Paulsen on July 25, 2017


Training used to be something that happened in a group setting, or maybe one employee sitting at a computer tucked away in the back room. Mobile devices have changed all that, placing training materials in your staff’s hands and on the sales floor. Having access to the performance support they need, both when and where they need it, is a game-changer. Knowing that video is processed faster by the brain than reading text, here are 4 tips for using video to provide retail performance support to your employees:


Mobile learning happens when your staff needs a quick refresher or lesson - the key word here is “quick.” Microlearning uses short videos - from as short as 30 seconds up to 3 minutes - as a way to provide these speedy updates right where they need them. Your staff can get the info they need and put their attention back on the sales floor or back of house inventory without missing a beat.

Store opening/closing 

Most stores have processes and procedures that they follow on store opening and closing. Instead of having new or transferred employees follow your experienced staff around, create videos that show the procedures being done the way you want them done. Each store can have their own video primers, made special to highlight the unique details specific to each location. Because we all have our own way of doing things.

New merchandising sets

Diagrams and photos are helpful, but for showing how a setup is supposed to look from a variety of views, video is the best way to demonstrate your intentions. Your merchandising department can rest easier knowing that their designs and setups are communicated properly to the stores.


These videos may run toward the longer end of the microlearning scale, but short role-play refreshers are valuable training tools for all employees. Much of social learning happens from emulation of behaviors and speech, so it’s extremely beneficial for staff to have supporting videos to reinforce what desired customer interactions are supposed to look and sound like.

Once your employees experience the advantages of performance support, you should start to see the results show up in tighter procedures, better customer service, and even increased profits. Make sure your staff has access to these training and assistance tools, either on their own devices or store-provided tablets. Seasonal staffing is right around the corner. Make sure your staff has the tools they need this holiday season!

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