5 Ways to Improve Your Employee Training with Video Learning

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Employee training is one of the most important aspects of success and growth in the restaurant and retail sectors. Getting the most out of each employee while still providing growth and development for the individual is something all businesses should be focused on. That is why so many organizations are training employees using video learning technology. Through video, employees, are able to grasp new skills easier while retaining more information. Here are just a few ways video learning can improve employee training:

Role Playing:

Video learning can use role-playing to have employees interact with others in the room to develop better communication skills and to connect with other workers. This can be a great way to build comradery and to enhance the way communication is performed. Also, through video software and technology, organizations are better able to recognize employees that need additional help or identify employees who have a lot of potential moving forward within the company.

Video Coaching:

Coaching has been proven to help employees track how they are progressing with the company and how they can improve. Also, the coaching portion gives detailed objectives for each employee to meet. With instant feedback from a coach, this method is very productive when it comes to video learning.


Having deliverable reviews in an office space can heighten employee success during training. Reviews help coaches perform assessments, creating a more tailored learning experience for employees. This simultaneously helps the employee understand where they are in each area, where they need to improve and where they excel. All this can be done with a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Conferences Outside-The-Box:

Originally, when conferences took place, people needed to be physically present to maximize their contribution to, or benefit received from, these events. Today, technology can be used for video to improve information retention and gained skill. Video recordings can also be used if employees miss an event, so they are still exposed to new concepts and receive training materials.

Safety & Policies:

With any company, it is imperative employees are trained on policies and safety practices. If employees are not trained on safety and policies, it could leave the organization vulnerable to accidents or other incidents that could lead to a lawsuit. Utilizing video and analytics for continued safety training can help employees stay vigilante, remaining alert and aware of these potential situations.

While there are many ways to utilize video within a company, employee training across the board is not only becoming more prevalent among the restaurant and retail sectors, it is becoming a necessity. Numerous studies have shown that video learning helps individuals better understand the material while retaining the information longer. This converts training into actionable outcomes.

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