Why Your Company or Business Should Be Utilizing Video Learning

why your organization should be utilizing video learning
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Technology has brought the future right into our laps. There is very little that technology can't help us with, and employee training is an aspect of your business that technology can improve. The use of videos to train employees may be the future of restaurants, retailers, and business the world over.

The Cons of In-Person Training

Video training is a great alternative to in-person training by experienced employees. Employees that already have their own jobs to tend to can often not spare enough time to train new recruits properly. This may mean that they give the new employee training that is not thorough enough, or that the responsibility is pawned off to somebody less qualified. New recruits may also be overwhelmed with the barrage of information that they must memorize at the beginning of a job in order to perform their duties correctly. They may find themselves confused and anxious, which will affect the quality of their work. In a fast-paced company or business, mistakes that affect production cannot afford to be made.

In a restaurant, a server or maître d' that does not fully understand their job or cannot perform at a rate that is necessary will affect the entire business. Employees that work in retail need to be able to greet customers properly, know how to handle potential problems, and deal with possible hostile or irritated customers without acting in a way that reflects badly on the establishment. Often times, written training or employee-to-employee training cannot provide the proper ways to deal with these situations. In schools, video training is used to help students retain the information necessary to test well and to achieve high scores and graduate. In businesses, video learning will improve retention, as it does in schools, and will ensure that the information presented to the new employee is the most important and necessary.

The Pros of Video Learning

However, with video, new employees can get the proper training at a proper pace and with specific information necessary for their job. The University of Queensland says that "there are many benefits to using video in education as shown in several decades of research". These include "enhanced learning experience" and "development potential for deeper learning of the subject". Video learning is not just to be used in schools. Businesses can make good use of these benefits. Behavioral research summarized by 3M found that that visual aids can improve learning by 400% and that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

These astronomical benefits can't be ignored by businesses that want to continue to grow at exponential rates. As long as your employees are trained well, you can expect your business to thrive and run at a rate that is conducive to increased sales and/or productivity.  In restaurants or retail, employees that have learned how to deal with problematic customers and even unexpected problems will reflect well on your business and will draw potential and repeat customers. You have a lot on the line when it comes to your business, and you'll need to utilize every avenue to maximize your success. Since video learning helps employees learn at a faster rate and retain important information, a business owner that is focused on success will consider this avenue as one that holds real, proven benefits.

Video learning has real and proven benefits. Modern learning software will help your business perform at optimal levels and will help new employees become valued members of your team in no time.

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