The 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Training Employees With Video

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Running a successful company requires the right information reaches the right people at the right place and time. Traditionally, this meant printing and distributing huge stacks of papers, then repeatedly trying to capture the employees' attention while you train them for their new jobs. Attention spans have dwindled by 50% over the past decade and unless you make the content more engaging, you will often be met with blank stares as you try and train your staff. By training your staff using video learning becomes engaging and interesting.

Here are 3 major advantages of video-based learning:

1. It's More Efficient

Printing training materials and shipping it to all the branches puts a dent on the company's budget as well as the ecosystem. When new information needs to be distributed, all of the previous material becomes obsolete and you repeat the whole process again. Modern LMS (learning management systems) like PlayerLync provide a solution to this problem by going completely digital. This allows you to instantaneously and cost-effectively distribute information on demand. The information also stays up to date automatically and keeps the entire staff in sync. Suppose you own a chain of restaurants. If each branch adds their own take on the new item on the menu, that's a recipe for disaster. You need that Teriyaki Chicken to taste exactly the same across all branches. By using digital learning software such as video, you can get the content to them in time and keep every employer in your company in perfect harmony. For more more mobile learning ideas download Ditch the Paper Binder: 6 Successful Steps for Going Mobile.

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2. It's More Engaging

There are three types of learners: Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners can retain the information best when it is presented visually using images and drawings. Auditory learners find it easier to internalize new material by hearing it. Kinesthetic learners need to try it out themselves to understand better. By using video to train staff, you stimulate them visually and auditorily resulting in them better retaining the information you're trying to get across. If you ask them to follow along with the video, you will stimulate all three senses. This also holds their attention for much longer then if they stare at a sheet of paper while you read it out loud. 

3. It Gives You More Control

When using modern learning software like Playerlync, you have much more control over your company. For example, when sending out your video training material, you can see who has watched it and remind those that haven't. You are also never dependent on your IT manager to get the information where it needs to be because it's simple drag and drop.

4. It Doesn't Strain Your Network

Let's face it, nobody likes when the video starts buffering. To solve this, everything is made available securely offline so that your network is available for POS and online orders. The files are always synchronized even if the device is asleep to maximize productivity.

There's a reason why leading enterprises like Talbots, David's Bridal, Chipotle, Red Robin, Blaze Pizza, Starbucks, Modern Market and many more are using the video features of PlayerLync to modernize training and store operations. It's a cut-throat market and you either evolve or get left behind. 

By next year, watching video will take up 80% of all consumer internet traffic. You need to leverage video for training and operations in 2019 and here are 6 ways to start modernizing today.