HR Technology Trends to Watch for in 2018

By: Bob Paulsen on March 22, 2018

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As we progress through 2018, we are seeing a multitude of HR technology trends to watch out for. Many are centered around hardware and software upgrades, newer design functions, greater aesthetic appeal, and some brand-new technologies introduced for the first time this year. With the digital world uniting things of the past, present, and beyond, the workplace is developing like never before. These are platforms creating high-quality engagements, taking HR technology to new heights.

Technology Interaction

According to studies, the way we interact with technology is undertaking a major shift. Beginning in 2018, and over the next decade, we will begin seeing a rise in the use of virtual and augmented reality and social/networking platforms in an HR setting. These current trends will become commonplace tools that provide a more natural way to interact with technology. It will become far more immersive, offering greater integration with day-to-day operations.

The Growth of AI

We are seeing a major boom when it comes to artificially intelligent applications being created for mobile devices in 2018. Technology is opening the door for the creation of AI bots that enhance the performance of these apps to assist employees around the globe. There are also apps that are helping to improve the sales and marketing departments through analytics, along with enhanced security to protect servers, computers, system software, etc.

Learning Software

As we move forward through 2018 and beyond, the growth of learning and training software is another must-have technology trend to look out for. Companies across the board, both large and small, are incorporating ongoing learning to better their service, benefit their employees, and move their organization toward greater sustainability. This technology includes gamification, social networking, microlearning, mobile access, on-demand information, and more.


This technology will expedite the verification of applicants while making payroll more efficient while reducing costs across the board. Blockchain is essentially a ledger of public records that is encrypted, completely digital and formatted into blocks of data. This data is then released throughout your internal networks, bridging data collection and end-use processes. Over the next 1 ½ - 2 years, this HR technology is predicted to become commonplace.

With a boom in HR technology trends in data collection, AI, learning software, and more, inter-operational integration is now easier than ever. Technology is being tailored to individual business and their need for real-time solutions. So, spending time researching the uses of HR technology trends that are taking center stage in 2018 is a move more and more organizations are taking across the board.

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