The 10 Workplace Learning Predictions for 2020 & Beyond

The 10 Workplace Learning Predictions for 2020 & Beyond
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Today's workplace tends to have many different faces. For instance, at this exact moment, the traditional workplace is under siege by economical changes,  automation, globalization, and not to mention the ever-changing face of technology. It is up to the business leaders to develop their own model for deep understanding for the most up to date workplace changes.

We already know that 2020 is an unprecedented year for business, the economy, the entire globe for that matter. But despite things that are beyond our control the workplace of 2020 still has its own signature.  So let us take the current situation into consideration as we further examine The 10 Workplace Learning Predictions for 2020.

These are The 10 Workplace Learning Predictions according to this recent article on indecomm digital, and for a more in-depth look at workplace learning refer to our recent post, The State of Internal Communications for Frontline Workers.  

the state of internal communications for frontline employees

Creating and Curating Content

Every hour on the internet, there are an average of 28 million tweets, 208 thousand blog posts written, and in excess of 250 million videos viewed. As overwhelming as these numbers are it should be no surprise that 2020 should be a year in which content is gathered, repurposed, and filtered to be integrated into workplace learning.

Easy to Digest Video Nuggets

With all of those videos being viewed per hour, there is a trend in which e-learning has moved from traditional methods to a more mobile platform.

Social Learning

There is a trend in moving away from a traditional LMS to mobile workforce learning platforms. The four basics that form the basis of social learning are: attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation. Keeping mobile staff enabled with the right information is one of the key struggles that has emerged. We’ve found that social learning techniques helps to keep deskless workers actively involved and in touch.

Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR) and Mixed Media

According to Capterra research,  by the time 2021 rolls around one in every three small to medium-sized businesses in the US will be using a VR employee training program.

AI and Chatbot

AI-derived algorithms in learning can be used to create simple tests to gauge the pace as well as the learning path. This will create a learning scenario that is both effective and personal.

Strategic Thinking

The trend toward a smaller more strategy-focused HR department has been on the rise for some time. A winning strategy is something that requires in-house planning expertise.

Using Analytics and Big Data

The trend in big data will bring new outlets for HR to prove their worth. These HR departments will need to employ people who can analyze this data and make the spot-on projections.

The Era of The Specialist

HR generalists are a dying breed. With the changes in the employment landscape from benefits and regulations compliance, there will be a trend to more specialized industry-specific HR departments.

A Remote Workforce Will Be The Norm

HR will definitely have to step up to the plate to handle the aspects of a remote workforce. Remote workers will be commonplace in the coming year.

The Tactic For 2020

Is to keep learning, risk-taking, and networking. As simple as that may sound, the current state of affairs makes this all the more practical.

A good way to sum up all of these trends in a hands-on approach would be to network in and out of your niche, read,  communicate, and blog your way to ensure the success of others and your firm.