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How to Improve Employee Engagement with High-Impact Learning

By: Bob Paulsen on May 22, 2018

How to Improve Employee Engagement with High-Impact Learning

When was the last time your restaurant was able to provide updated training for all of its staff members? How many of your employees are 100% prepared for any and all situations? How often does that change?

If you don't like your current answers to the above questions, chances are your employees aren't happy about them either. Many establishments either dismiss the problem as an unfortunate aspect of the restaurant business or try to offer separate solutions that don't solve the problem. Employee engagement tends to suffer in these cases, which hurts both employee and customer retention.

Instead of following the usual path, your business can take the lead in creating an environment that supports its staff and boosts business by becoming a high-impact learning organization (HILO).

How Can Being a High-Impact Learning Organization Help?

The best way to help your employees feel prepared for everyday situations and valued as team members is by providing training that works seamlessly with your business.

HILOs are best equipped to provide this in a way that allows for continuous innovation. When you no longer have to rely on outdated paper-based training and short video clips that are forgotten soon after an employee starts the real work, employees will be able to utilize their training to do a better job day after day. High-impact learning is mobile, proactive, and provides measurable results.

Mobile Readiness Leads to Confidence

Employees who can learn at any time become a more capable, secure, and effective staff. Employees who are engaged in continuous learning will feel more confident in their ability to handle on-the-job situations, which leads to greater job performance and satisfaction.

The ability to keep learning anywhere is even more valuable for deskless employees. Tools such as mobile video allow your staff to gain insights to problems as they are encountered. Not only will this help them retain information more easily, but it will provide solutions in instances where they may have previously struggled without direction.

Consistent Training Leads to Growth

Employees with growth opportunities are willing to invest time and effort into improving. A training program that doesn't stop after day one ensures that employees are presented with more options and resources for a fulfilling career path.

These are the kinds of employees that are likely to keep your customers happy, care about business operations, and look out for additional improvements. With applicable learning programs in place, any employee has the chance to become engaged and prepared.

High-Impact Learning Leads to Real-Time Improvement

Immediate answers to on-the-job situations and training modules that don't become outdated before they reach employees are essential in the fast-paced restaurant business.

High-Impact learning is the answer to providing training to employees when they need it, not before or afterwards. Restaurants will especially benefit from being ahead of the game in employee support with increased customer satisfaction and profits.

If you suspect that your current training practices are keeping your employees from becoming actively engaged, consider how an becoming a HILO can benefit you. Discover how modern learning management systems can help solve even more problems with our e-book 10 Reasons to Leverage a Modern Learning System.

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