Improve Customer Satisfaction By Improving Employee Satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction By Improving Employee Satisfaction
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Interestingly, there exists a strong relationship between a brand's success and its customers' loyalty. In other words, behind every successful brand is a mass of loyal customers vouching for it. Customers are the lifeline of any business, so these brands go out of their way to ensure their satisfaction.

Investing in customer satisfaction not only keeps the customers happy, but it leads to reduced costs. This is because acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining an existing one. So the more you retain customers, the better your bottom line.  

Apparently, there's more to keeping customers happy than providing them with awesome products.

What does that mean?

You need to focus on improving the whole customer experience to cultivate their loyalty to your brand. And that's where the issue of employee satisfaction comes into play.

Employee Satisfaction Leads to Customer Satisfaction

As hinted above, there's a direct relationship between employee job satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Employees who are satisfied with their job tend to be jovial and relaxed. In return, they are more friendly, and efficient when attending to customers and addressing their concerns. This goes a long way in shaping the customer experience.

How to Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

As much as you need to prioritize customer satisfaction, increasing your employees' job satisfaction is equally important. You can achieve this by;

  • Implementing a friendly onboarding process to make the staff feel valued and part of the business from the word go.
  • Automating processes where possible to improve productivity.
  • Being friendly and approachable as this will encourage your employees to interact with you freely. This way they can come to you whenever they have an issue that needs your attention or intervention. This goes a long way in protecting everyone's interests.
  • Showing interest in your employee's development.
  • Giving employees more control. This will make them feel like they are part of the business.
  • Remunerating your workers fairly.
  • Offering rewards and incentives to the employees to keep them motivated. 

Your employees are the face of your business. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you keep them happy, they will keep your customers happy in return.

How to Improve Employee Productivity

It's every manager's goal to increase productivity. More so because productivity has a ripple effect that cuts across the board. Not only does it improve the bottom line, but productive employees tend to have an increased sense of well-being, hence satisfaction.

Ways in which you can improve your employee's productivity include;

  • Investing in technology to easily send employees corporate content and communications.
  • Organizing regular training, development, and motivational workshops for your staff.
  • Championing the business culture to instill a positive work ethic in employees.
  • Nurturing team spirit among your employees by encouraging collaboration.
  • Communicating expectations clearly and directly.
  • Encouraging employee feedback.
  • Implementing standard performance evaluation parameters.


The difference between succeeding and struggling in business lies in customer satisfaction. The lack of which causes many business executives to burn midnight oil formulating a strategy after another.

However, you can bridge the gap easily by investing in the satisfaction of your employees. Once you commit to improving their productivity and increasing their satisfaction, they will help the business to step up customer satisfaction. Learn more by downloading our guide on equipping your workplace for an agile world.