How To Improve Employee Morale: 7 Easy Ways

How To Improve Employee Morale: 7 Easy Ways
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The age-old question in the workplace nowadays is how to improve employee morale. According to the American Psychological Association, "Employees who said they like their jobs are twice as likely to be thriving in their lives overall — reporting strong relationships, effective money management, good health and engagement in their communities — as those who are disengaged and unhappy at work". 

But how to improve employee morale and mitigate employee burnout? Here are seven easy ways:

Communicate Often – In Bad Times As Well As Good Times

Companies are all about crowing during their good times about great sales or too many customers to serve, but sometimes, in bad times, a company has some tough decisions to make, and the employees are left to hear rumors and worry if rumors are true. To dispel rumors or to keep rumors from running rampant, communicate directly with employees. Answer questions honestly when asked about what is happening at your company and make sure the employees are informed.

Communicate More In-Depth About Benefits

Miscommunication about the exact benefits employees are eligible for and how they work can also occur. Many employees work for many years and don't know all the benefits they are eligible for and can take advantage of. Make sure they are aware of every benefit, how they work, and how to enroll.

Promote Within The Company

If an employee has a chance of increasing their livelihood at the company, this is how to improve employee morale. Not only promoting within provides an incentive to be more productive and knowledgeable, but employees will stay longer at the company.

Communicating Clear Promotion Rungs Up The Ladder

If an employee starts at entry-level job A, the employee may want to know if there is room for growth and would want to be promoted to job B and then job C. But the employee needs to know what specifically needs to be done to get from job A to job B. Is there a need for college courses or degrees? Does the company offer management training classes? Is there specific knowledge needed for job B and how to go about gaining it?  This all needs to be mapped out for the employee that has goals.

Free Professional Development Courses And Tuition Reimbursement

Again, going back to the employee that wants to be promoted from job A to job B and then job C, if one of the things to accomplish this goal is college or management courses, then company provided management courses or tuition reimbursement would help that employee keep on the promotion track.

Make Sure Employees Know Their Feedback Is Important

Anything from how to do a particular job to how leadership could be better, some nuggets of wisdom can be had from employees. Also, the employee feels that they are a valuable part of the team if they are asked their opinion.

Some could sit down and talk with an employee in what is called a "stay" interview. A "stay" interview is an interview in which the employee is asked why they stay at the company and what would they change if they were leaders of the universe. If employees are uncomfortable with conveying what they think face to face, providing anonymous surveys and suggestion boxes are good alternatives.

Reward Employees 

If employee A goes over and beyond what is required and employee B does just the bare minimum, why shouldn't employee A be rewarded? An employee incentives program can come in many different shapes and sizes. This can happen in a few ways, like a company shoutout, chance to learn a new skill, or monetary bonus. This will help employee A will feel a sense of pride and realize the efforts were recognized and rewarded.  Yet another employee incentive program that will improve employee morale.

The frontline workforce are your best brand reps. By following these 7 easy steps, you can increase employee happiness, morale, and engagement. Happy and engaged employees will, in turn, increase customer satisfaction. In short, happy employees will represent your brand the way it is meant to be. To learn more about to create happy employees, download our guide on equipping your workplace for an agile world.