Top Business Communication Trends for Frontline Workers in 2020

Top Business Communication Trends for Frontline Workers in 2020
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The world around us is changing quite rapidly, and this is no different in the professional sphere. Here are just a few of the business communication trends going on in the world of frontline workers throughout this year and in the near future. 

Using the Right Tools

Communication has changed vastly in the last two decades and now human interaction involves myriad tools to get a message across. In the case of the modern workforce, many companies are finding great success and heightened employee engagement through helpful applications. Workers crave autonomy when it comes to their day-to-day decision-making. Many feel much greater confidence to make decisions on their own when they feel that leadership is supporting them by getting them the right tools whether it be applications, interfaces or systems of operations.


When it comes to communicating with your mobile workforce, which is the majority of the workforce dealing with this pandemic, throwing in the proper recognition for what they are doing on the regular can speak volumes and greatly improve their morale. Worker turnover is something every hiring Manager wants to keep low and one of the key ways to avoid that is through regular recognition of your loyal workers accomplishments.

Many workers state feeling a greater sense of loyalty to their profession when they receive regular recognition, and many claims they are reassured that their work matters. 

Secure Platforms

IT teams work with computers and networks, both internal and external, on a constant basis, so they are the first to feel the effects if your platforms infrastructure is lacking in either efficiency or more importantly security. In the digital age we reside in now workers demand a flexible IT platform that is both secure and extendable. They need the confidence that their daily dealings are going to be secure from hackers or other breaches, but they also want to make sure their communication platform can scale to meet any demand your growing business may have. 

the state of internal communications for frontline employees

Seamless Cooperation

The end goal of any internal Communication Manager is to have an ecosystem of internal cooperation that is effortless and seamless. In this fast paced, constantly changing world, you can't waste time with people misunderstanding each other or internal confusions, you simply will not be able to react properly. 

One key to accomplishing this is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and regular problems, this can lead to a company wide playbook that can make sure everyone is literally on the same page. This will cut down on operational time and redundancy as well as provide cohesive methods of operations for when you onboard new employees. 

Summing it all up, the world we now occupy has many demands on communication internally. There are dozens of tools employees can use to make their life simpler or more hectic, the choice is up to a good Communication Manager to sort out what will help their time, and capitalize on it while reducing the noise that may envelop your team causing inefficiency.