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5 Ways You Can Save Money and Accelerate Employee Onboarding

By: Nicole Migacz on January 22, 2019

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Hiring new employees can cost a lot of money. From recruiting expenses and background checks to  numerous interviews, all to find perfect candidates who are all too few and far between. "They can learn on the job," you rationalize, but not taking the time to properly train employees has its own cost, cost that only become apparent over time. You are not doing yourself any favors by cutting corners on your employee training program. Investing in your training can free you from hassle, and yes, save money, too. With all that cash up front, here are five ways you can save and accelerate the employee onboarding process: 

Employee Training Fosters a Systematic Work Environment

It's the busiest time in your store and you have three new employees. None of them know how to properly return an item, know where to get extra receipt paper, or where to put items a customer changed their mind on last minute. They need the help of a more experienced employee who, almost constantly, is doing things incorrectly. The customers are waiting, everyone is frustrated. We don't think we need to tell you this kind of situation can be avoided.

As valuable as learning on the job can be, the place for 'making mistakes and getting messy' is not behind your counter. Disorderly work environments are not only only stressful, but they are breeding grounds for all manner of misunderstandings and mistakes. They may be little things, but those little things rack up, and you'll have to foot the bill. Training employees before doing the actual work can prevent this kind of disaster for your business. Trained employees can build a better and more systematic work environment.


It Builds a Happier Customer base

Your employees  represent you, and the impression your workforce gives plays a huge part in customer's opinion of your company. There is nothing more annoying than employees who do not know their job. Let your new hires know that they are the business. Learning what the company does and its products are not enough. A professional, and satisfying experience can keep customers very happy. There is no need to spend a lot of money on marketing just to keep your customers, well-trained employees can do exactly that.

Consistent and professional customer service is the heart and soul of any business. It ensures customers always receive the best, most professional service you have to offer. For more on this topic, download our guide, "How Mobile Learning Technology Drives a Consistent Customer Experience"

It Saves Time

Untrained employees are slow employees. They may struggle to complete basic tasks. Time is money, errors waste time. Train your employees to follow simple instructions. There will always be a learning curve for new employees, but proper instruction ensures that adjustment period can be short. Proper onboarding can immediately integrate new talent into the system rather than leaving them to painstakingly figure out everything on their own.  If new employees are equipped with the right training, how can you differentiate a new hire from a senior employee?

It Creates a Happier Employee Base

Training employees up front gives them the ability to do well in your workplace and most employees desire to do well. It gives them confidence and a sense of belonging and mitigates the stress of not knowing what to do. It also assures that current employees would not consider new talent a burden. Happy employees are more likely to stay with your company longer, which is a huge saving of money in itself. It takes their position from 'a job' to 'their job', one they can excel in, that they can invest in.

It Puts Less Stress on You 

Nobody has the time to babysit every employee on the floor or behind the counter, least of all you. Having a proper employee training program will make you feel confident that new employees have the independence and skills needed to do their job well, without the need for constant supervision. The peace of mind that comes with knowing this is invaluable in your workplace, freeing you up to complete other, more important tasks required for moving your business forward.  

Though it can be tempting to cut corners in employee training, doing so will have you constantly spinning your gears, running behind yourself to mop of a constant wellspring of costly little problems and strains. Building a strong, confident team is one of the smartest and most profitable investments you can make in your business, and it's worth every penny.

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