Top 5 Benefits of Training Employees with Video

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Training new employees can be one of the most important parts of running a business. Good employees, that know what they are doing and accomplish their tasks efficiently, can make the difference between a growing, successful business and a business contemplating bankruptcy. But sometimes finding the right training techniques can be difficult. Video has been proven to be a strong tool for training new employees. Here are 5 benefits of training employees with video:

Video trainings create consistent customer experience

Utilizing video trainings ensures that every new employee is provided the exact same information in the same exact way. This consistency in training increases the likelihood that all employees are using the same methods and all customers are treated the same way. Our guide "How Mobile Learning Technology Drives a Consistent Customer Experience" is a great tool to help companies use video training to improve customer experience.

Video trainings easily maintain the attention of employees

With the emergence and increasing popularity of smartphones, online video consumption is increasing. In fact, a survey completed by the Nielson group found that online video consumption has increased by 35 percent and 42 percent of online videos were watched at work. Therefore, by utilizing video for training, businesses will be able to better engage with their employees.

Video trainings drive engagement

Video keeps employees engaged and engaged people are more likely to remember what they are seeing and hearing. In fact, Edgar Dale's cone of experience states that we remember 10 percent of what we read, 30 percent of what we see, and 50 percent of what we see and hear. Therefore, video is a prime format to ensure that employees are actually learning and remembering the important information given.

Video trainings inspire users to take action

Often, training videos allow new employees to quickly see many different aspects of the company. These videos also frequently have an appealing and engaging atmosphere which gets the employee excited to be a part of the company. Therefore, by training your employees with videos, individuals are inspired to take a more active role within the company, and active and inspired employees are a lot more efficient and likely to do their best work.

Video trainings save valuable time and money

Employee training can be very time-consuming and costly. Most traditional training requires a veteran employee to follow the new employee to teach them the essential information required for the job. Essentially, during the training period, two employees are paid to accomplish the tasks of one position. Although a business-wide mentoring program is always beneficial, training your employees with videos would be a much better use of both employees' time and the business's money.

Videos are an ideal solution for quickly and effectively conveying information, and with the emergence and growing popularity of smartphones, online videos are becoming a more popular format for information sharing. Therefore, as shown by these five benefits, video trainings can be an ideal way to impart important information to new employees.

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