6 Reasons Why Video Learning is Essential for Employee Training

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Have you tried to improve results within a specific element of your business operations and discovered more training was needed? Employees without proper training can be a drain. Whether it's customer service disruptions, being a liability to the company or a distraction to other staff members, lack of training is bad for business.

Thorough training is key to improving results. Are you looking for an easier way to get it done? Look no further. Training employees with video is the new training standard. 

Here are 5 reasons you MUST start implementing video learning into your training program:

1. Training gets doneIf you don't have it on video to show them, it may not get done. Customers are waiting, orders need to be shipped, and there is always an internal meeting to go to. You and your team are very likely to have too much to do, and the "live training" turns into trial by fire. Training employees by video allows for flexibility in timing and reduces repetition by distributing the same video to multiple new hires and locations. 

2. Training gets done right. Live training has its place at certain points of the training process, and it always will, but most of the training needs to be on video to ensure that it's accurate information. 

3. Training experience is consistent. Even if live training is done right, it can be inconsistent. Training your employees with video allows you to record the ideal training session and repeat it every time, for every staff member. Consistent and thorough training yields consistently excellent results. PlayerLync's software also allows you to track activities so that you know what's working. 

4. Retention of training materials.  PlayerLync's software allows your employees to have an interactive training experience. You can set up tests and quizzes for your employees to take following watching important video clips. Taking a test over important information can improve retention of the information by as much as 50%. (1)

5. Save your time. Your time is extremely valuable. You need to spend time with new hires, especially in your own area, but you don't need to spend all day with them in training. You have plenty of other important things to do. Let the videos train so you can get your work done. It may even give you those extra few minutes for the important brainstorming needed to do for increased success. 

6. Encourage action. Training videos can help motivate employees to take action toward success. Whatever you highlight and reinforce in the videos will be focused on by your employees. 

the digital revolution - impacts of mobile learning software on gen z employees

Training videos have not always been as robust and effective. Trainers are no longer posting a quick video on YouTube and emailing it. Today's trainers are writing a training script and having professional training videos done. The videos are well planned, and tend to be more like a short movie than a training video. This makes it even more important to use the best software platform you can to distribute the videos. You also want to be able to see who watched the video and completed the training. 

Effective training gives employees the knowledge they need to serve customers the right way. Happier customers keep your business growing. Download PlayerLync's free guide, The Digital Revolution - Impacts of Modern Learning Software on Generation Z Employees.