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Among the many things, technology has transformed employee training and development. Companies are revolutionizing how they train their employees. Modern methods are more convenient and efficient. These methods have enlightened employees and increased their productivity as well as advancing their careers. The world of blogs has come in handy in training employees. The internet has numerous blogs that offer training for employees and for those who are interested to new practices. Here are 10 popular blogs that are recommendable:


This blog belongs to a training center founded by Jane Hart. She runs a consultancy firm called Center of Learning & Performance Technologies. The main objective of her blog is capitalizing on modernizing learning at the workplace. Common topics that have been addressed are eLearning and collaboration. Other essential trends have also been mentioned within the learning and development space.

Training Day

Almost all digital magazines have a blog page and Training Day is of no exception. The blog is managed by the training staff of the magazine. With the leadership of Margery Weinstein, the senior associate editor, the blog posts are weekly, tackling emerging issues of leadership, communication and team building.


Deloitte is a strongly established multination corporation offering professional services. The great influence of this organization is partly sourced from Bersin, its famous blog. This blog is dedicated towards human resources and professionals interested in learning. Among the topics covered by this blog are high performance, managing talent and technology among others. There is one downside; the materials are not frequently posted. However, you will never lack something to learn from the existing posts.

Harold Jarche

This blog has highly insightful information about learning and work. The author is an international consultant on digital workplace. Harold Jarche has always been updating his audiences with regular posts for more than a decade. This blog is like a spring of fascinating ideas from a sought after leader in the world.

15 Five Employee Development

15 Five offers a great blog focusing strictly on employee development. We like it because it is easily shared on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, and because there isn't much sponsored content. The articles are thoughtful, valid and get a lot of attention and comments from other management professionals, which makes for added value. They also provide quality podcasts on occasion. It's a good listen while you're multitasking. Current topics include a podcast about Self-Management for effective leadership, and an article about improving the employee experience.

The Mobile Workforce: Ramping Up Your Organization for Success

Training Industry Blog

The most captivating practice about this blog is including diverse authors and contributors to its posts. This is a brilliant idea because it gets learning materials from a broad range of rich sources. This blog is also frequently updated and useful for people who are searching new information about training and development. All you need to do is filter the content by topic and narrow down to what you need.

HRZone's Development Blog

As the name suggests this blog is platform that has brought together human resource professionals. These individuals come here seeking learning and developing their career. Particularly, the blog is excellent at talent management topics and learning. The plenty of interesting articles present are limitless opportunities for HR professionals to learn and excel.The internet has a plethora of blogs meant for learning and training employees. Professionals should cease entirely relying on workshops and seminar as training and development tools. Learning is an everyday affair, thanks to blogosphere.

The StaffingPlus Blog 

While generally geared towards the medical field, the StaffingPlus Blog is an outstanding resource for supervisors, managers, HR professionals, recruiters and small business owners. The medical fields are high stress and high turnover, and also deal with consumers face to face. We love it because the material is NOT sponsored by outside advertisers. You won't get blitzed with ads, but you will see relevant content about employee happiness, coping with unruly staff, and tips for new managers.


UpRaise provides a quality blog focusing on topics like Goal Setting, Performance Reviews, Work Culture and a section for Products. Current articles discuss one-on-one meetings for managers, workplace communication and company culture. We enjoy this blog because the articles are up-to-date and thoroughly researched. There is no sponsored content, but the entire blog is really there to push employee management platforms & software, so you'll see a lot of material related to that. The articles aren't heavily commented upon, which is too bad because we like to hear the thoughts of other HR professionals. 

Forbes Magazine: Leadership Strategy

Forbes Magazine has been a long time tool for business owners and managers. You can trust Forbes material to be well researched, up-to-date and often a compelling read. As of August, 2019 this blog has specific areas for topics related to Small Business, Forbes Women in Business, Employment Diversity and more. Very little of the content is sponsored. We highly recommend you put Forbes on your favorites list and visit often!

Look out for other training blogs and continue the learning process. What employee training and development blogs do you enjoy reading?