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Take Charge of Your Employee Training with a High Value Mobile LMS

By: Gary Iles on September 13, 2018


Companies are continually trying to make their learning managements systems (LMS) more effective and efficient. The tools are crucial for developing employees, educating staff with new skills and instituting policies and regulations. For that reason, firms are always innovating and seeking the best possible options. For example, many leaders are reading the e-book "Learn, Communicate & Measure: How to Future-Proof Your Learning Ecosystem". One of the most important recent innovations is the mobile LMS. These platforms provide substantial benefits to companies and employees alike. There are a few factors which are particularly important to consider.


A mobile LMS is far more flexible and adjustable than a traditional LMS system that only operates on desktop devices. In this day and age, sticking to one type of learning is completely unworkable. An LMS that is supported on mobile is important to give employees the flexibility to learn and study in any location whether it is on their commute, on a break, in a conference room or sitting at their desk.  That increases adoption and the likelihood that everyone will be educated.

Data Collection

Mobile LMS systems are excellent at tracking and collecting key data about employees. It monitors if they have taken their courses and sends email follow-ups with a section has yet to be completed.

Best of all, the system keeps track of all employees on an easy to use dashboard. That way managers can easily determine who has taken their required courses and who has not. This is crucial for future audits, employee reviews, compensation and regulatory issues. That makes life much easier for management.


Because mobile LMS are so much more adjustable and custom than traditional systems, they can fit the individual worker much better. For some people sitting in a classroom setting with other colleagues on a hot stuffy day and cramming all of the info is completely counterproductive. They prefer short bites of data consumed while traveling or on breaks.  See why mobile learning is important to Crocs!

Others like to sit down and concentrate for an extended period so that they consume the knowledge in one continuous flow. Again, the LMS can accommodate that need even if it is only needed by a few people.

Of course, not only can the content distribution method be custom, the content itself can be altered to deliver the most effective possible education. Mobile LMS allow the learning department staff to actually alter their content on the go in response to changing needs. This dramatically increases effectiveness as well.


New mobile LMS allow for advanced collaboration features for learning and studying. Employees can chat with one another to discuss their takes on new knowledge. They can instantly communicate over email, social media or other forms of communication as well. That makes feedback easy and fast.

Importantly, there is a sense of community as everyone strives to learn and achieve together. Employees feel positive peer pressure to complete all of the assignments and report back to management. Those that are unwilling to learn will be identifiable as they are not participating as much. The collaboration tools help to increase effectiveness and adoption rates.

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