Restaurant Employee Engagement: 5 Tasty Ideas to Boost Staff Morale

By: Carrie McFarland on April 11, 2019

Restaurant Employee Engagement five Tasty Ideas to Boost Staff Morale

If you're running a restaurant, then you know your staff needs to be on-point every time. They need their heads in the game, and they have to be able to work together as a team. If you've been having trouble keeping your morale up, though, then you might want to try some of these simple methods to increase restaurant employee engagement.

#1: Provide Clear Goals

When you work in a restaurant, it helps to be able to step back and see the big picture according to 6Q. If you can understand what your job is, and what goals you're actually working toward, then you'll understand where you are, and where you're going. When everyone is on the same page regarding goals and responsibilities it's easier to work together as a single team, heading toward a specific end of the field.

#2: Be Flexible

All too often we get set into a scheduled way of thinking, and that can make things very rigid. However, flexibility in allowing employees time off, or even which order they do particular tasks in, can be a breath of fresh air. It gives employees some power and authority over their own job, and it shows that you respect them enough to work with them. The phrase, "flexible hours," is one of the biggest indicators of employee satisfaction, according to a survey from Decision Wise.

#3: Teach, Don't Scold

One of the best ways to maintain morale among your people is to provide instruction instead of punishment when mistakes get made. This shows employees that they are valued, and worth the time and energy to try to make them better, but it also helps increase their morale and loyalty to the company. As an added benefit, it also helps make employees more skilled and able to handle future situations, thus making them overall more capable. Our guide on driving employee engagement with mobility outlines some additional ideas.

#4: Provide A Positive Environment

A major factor in determining employee morale is the environment one has to work in. Is it well lit? Is it comfortable? Is it clean? Is everyone working together, or is teamwork fractured? And do people feel comfortable asking for help, or approaching management, or is that seen as a way to simply add more stress? Just like plants, you have to make sure your employees have a nurturing environment if you want them to be able to thrive.

#5: Give Them What They're Worth

One of the best ways to increase morale is to actually pay employees what they're worth, and to give them additional benefits. Part of that is going to be the wage you offer, but it's important to remember the fringe benefits that should come with their job. Do you offer insurance plans, for example? Do you give your employees free meals on days they work? Do you offer paid vacation time? These rewards can go a long way toward balancing out any stress that comes with a job, and they will keep your employees coming back and working hard one day after another.

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