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5 Employee Engagement Ideas for Increasing Performance

By: Nicole Migacz on February 19, 2019

5 Employee Engagement Ideas for Training Sessions

Many organizations overlook the importance of training employees especially when the company is experiencing pressing issues. However, ongoing training should be a fundamental part of any organization. Training creates fantastic employees who are ready to serve customers exceptionally and keep them coming back. It improves productivity and offers employees the skills to stay ahead of the game. Research shows that organizations that provide comprehensive training have a high-profit margin and low turnover rate. Although training is beneficial to employees and the company, many training sessions are boring and do not engage employees. The good news is that you can make training enjoyable and engaging to avert boredom. Below are five employee engagement ideas for training.

1. Make Training Fun

The current distraction-filled society no longer tolerates boredom. You need to devise ways to make training fun to get employees engaged and avert boredom. You won't get employees' attention if your training is a dry recitation of facts or a long boring lecture. Include humor, games, stories, and interaction in training to keep employees engaged.    

2. Get them moving

Research shows that movement promotes learning. When employees move during training, they get better blood flow in their body and become alert. Also, they get engaged and active in training. Fostering movement in training is simple. At the beginning of the training, you can ask the employees to stand and find someone they don't know. Take a few seconds to introduce themselves and identify two things they have in common. Alternatively, you can ask the employees to stand if they agree with a particular statement. Training can also happen where the task will be performed. Learning how to change the register tape? Why not learn on the register itself.

3. Create a learning culture

A great way to engage employees during training is to make learning part of your organizational culture. Make learning a priority and let employees develop the urge to learn personally. Do not push learning on employees because they will hate it. Sell the benefits of training to them, and they will like it. As part of developing a learning culture, encourage employees to download and read this guide "5 Steps to Restore Brand Consistency in Your Restaurant."

4. Get Graphic

Using visuals during training increases retention and engages employees. Training should utilize visuals and images to engage employees. Using images, graphs, and animations to explain and simplify content. Rather than using lengthly manuals and complex training videos, integrate microlearning tactics.

5. Make Training Personal

You can engage employees during training by making the training personal. When training is personal, employees respond positively and learn a lot from the session. The training should not be a one-size-fits-all training. Tailor the training to meet employees' needs. Importantly, explain to employees how the training will help them in their professional life. For example, it can help them get a promotion or pay rise. Also, involve the employees in the training; ask questions, encourage discussions, and use demonstrations.

Training is a fundamental part of any organization that empowers employees while benefiting the business. You can use numerous employee engagement ideas during training sessions to evoke concentration and knowledge retention. Use these employee engagement ideas during training, and employees will look forward to the next training.

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