3 Effective Tips for Increasing Employee Productivity

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Since the invention of the smartphone, the attention span of society has become short and limited. Because of this, the traditional method of learning and training by using papers upon papers is outdated and nearly ancient. This is due to the fact that we now have the ability to learn a plethora of information with an internet-connected device in our hands. Given that the generation of smartphone obsessions began with millennials, most approaches to improving productivity should cater to that mindset. In fact, adapting to the new millennial style of learning can greatly improve the way your employees work and function. Of course, these new styles benefit workers of all ages, they've just been influenced by the upcoming generation. That said, here are three effective tips for increasing employee productivity that are bound to benefit everyone in your business.

#1. Invest in a Mobile Learning System 

Where there's a millennial employee there's a need to utilize video and interactive technology to grasp the concepts you're training them on. According to Forbe's magazine, a study done in 2015 proved that about twenty-two percent of millennial workers would prefer an effective style of training over yielding the benefits a company may have to offer. Taking it further, another study done by the Pew Research Center found that more than one-in-three workers today are millennials. And do you know what that means? Given that millennials make up most of the workforce with a need for visual learning, investing in a mobile learning system can only benefit your employee's productivity. Of course, this applies to any employee from any generation, but the statistics prove that the future is in mobile learning.  

#2. Use a Mobile Learning System to Make Information Accessible

It's common for employees, millennial and non-alike, to adopt the mindset that whatever they learn at work stays at work and goes nowhere else. This is quite normal yet counterproductive to employee productivity because they'll quickly forget everything the moment they step out the door. In spite of that, using a mobile learning system will give you a space to upload all of your training materials where your employees can access them at any time and any place. Having that access can reinforce what they're already learning and even allow them to study the work. The key concept here is that you want to make it easier for your employees to refresh their memory without feeling the pressure of having to re-learn what they could've forgotten. Ultimately, making learning and reinforcing old information more simple helps employees to become more fluent, and mobile learning will make that happen for them. To learn more tips increased productivity and enabled employees, download our free guide on driving employee enablement with mobility.

#3. Make Using Paper a Thing of the Past

Out of all tips for increasing employee productivity, ditching paper is the one that ties everything together because it means keeping your business organized and operation smooth for everyone. Going digital and using a mobile system brings in a way to create customized training programs as well as using creative videos to enhance the training process. Additionally, you'll be able to use a system that can store all of your data, forms, and information so they are easily accessible when needed. Overall, letting go of using papers and learning to use mobile technology will seal the deal when working to increase employee productivity and promoting an enthusiastic work environment.  

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