Microlearning: Engaging the Millennial Employee to Boost Your Success

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Millennials are demanding more from employers. Many picture the Millennial as the young college graduate demanding more money and perks for fewer hours and less work. Statistics show they put in the hours, and Millennials are more likely to be college educated than their predecessors. They want employers who are equally engaged. The Millennial generation wants benefits, pick me up activities, and other things to establish value and appreciation. This isn't limited to fun or spendy things.

Savvy employers attract and retain employees by looking at their training process. Do your employees go into the workforce feeling prepared for the job? Do they feel you care enough to offer them the training they need? Are their questions being effectively answered along the way? Are you catering to their unique learning styles? Businesses are answering the call for more engaged business practices with microlearning.

Increase Productivity

Microlearning is more than a trend that will last a few years. When implemented throughout an employee's time with you, it increases productivity and improves outcomes. What is microlearning? As the name suggests, it breaks complex lessons down into smaller parts. It breaks training down into bite-sized pieces and offers instant feedback. eLearning quizzes are a common example of this.

Empower Employee Communication

Microlearning goes beyond fun quizzes and other gamification techniques. It also bleeds into the content of your training materials. Whether you're using an eLearning, classroom-style, or on-the-job training, keep it short. Then review and answer any questions that come up.

Finally, any feedback should be delivered in equally bite-sized pieces. Ask employees questions and open the door for them to ask you. The sooner you offer feedback, the more relevant it is. Employees are more likely to understand feedback on something that happened a minute ago than they would if it wasn't addressed for a week. Even when all feedback is good or neutral, it opens the door for healthy communication that will lead to better future outcomes. 

Boost Performance

When microlearning is integrated into every part of the training process, it boosts morale and performance. It also helps workers in other ways. Millennial workers have to understand generational differences and other buyer nuances. People on both sides of generational divides forget what the other side doesn't necessarily know. You could be discussing the latest beauty trends or setting up a new smartphone. Breaking things down into bite-sized pieces helps workers better communicate with their customers as well. 

One of the hardest things about change is just getting off the ground. It starts from the top and works its way down. When upper management looks at change in the right way, so will employees. Let microlearning give you inspiration for positive change. If you introduce a completely new system, introduce it in small pieces. Offer feedback to supervisors as you go. Correcting common mistakes in the moment offers microlearning with no big changes required. When companies make this type of learning part of their culture, progress is a natural consequence. Bigger changes are easier, and success is inevitable. So stop waiting. Build your business' success story today. 

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