How Modern Learning Addresses Multigenerational Restaurant Training

how modern lms addresses the problem of multigenerational restaurant training
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With Generation Z entering the workforce, there are now 4 distinct generations that occupy any given workspace. This recent happening highlights the need to address multigenerational restaurant training. With different generations come different learning styles, different learning needs, and different learning expectations. When training restaurant employees, it is important to keep in mind the differences between the generations while developing your training programs. Let's review the learning styles, needs, and preferences of the 4 generations that occupy the workforce.

The Baby Boomers

The post-war Baby Boomers are known to be task-focused. They prefer to do a task until completion. Because of their achievement-oriented mindset, they are known for working long hours. They enjoy group work, and they want their ideas to be heard. Even though they enjoy teamwork, they prefer to independently practice new skills. You can expect this generation to be hardworking and dedicated to whatever they are learning. 

Gen X

Children of the busy Baby Boomers, Gen X has learned to be independent and self-reliant. They are goal-oriented, independent decision makers. They prefer independent learning to group learning, and they require individual attention and feedback. You can expect this generation to be hardworking, but sometimes impatient. 

Generation Y- The Millennials

The Millennials are the first generation to grow up with technology at their fingertips. They appreciate continual development and quick progression. They value a great amount of flexibility. They are achievement-oriented and require coaching as well as feedback. Millennials enjoy activity-based assignments. Overall, Millennials prefer technology-based learning.

Generation Z

Generation Z was born into an era of technological advancement and innovation. They are highly aware and involved with the technology that surrounds them. A majority prefer to learn by doing. Generation Z enjoys social and active learning. They require learning to be tailored to them rather than having to adjust themselves to a certain learning style. They require the use of digital learning tools and they are constantly looking for innovation.

How PlayerLync Addresses the Many Needs of Multigenerational Learners

PlayerLync's modern mobile Learning Management System (LMS) is able to address all the needs of these 4 unique generations. Our system allows for both independent and interactive learning for both the independent and the social learner. PlayerLync provides micro-learning modules that provide the quick progression that Millennials need while providing the task that Baby Boomers want to focus on. In addition, our LMS allows Gen X the means to independently work at their own pace, whether they want to get it done quickly or take breaks and walk away for some time. Furthermore, Generation Z will without a doubt appreciate PlayerLync's innovative activity-based modules.

Managers will appreciate that PlayerLync's mobile LMS allows them to test and track the progression of each individual employee. This allows managers to give personalized individual feedback and coaching to the employees who want and need it.

As a leader in the restaurant industry, you already know that a better employee training experience leads to a better customer experience. If you want to explore other reasons for modernizing, here's how modern learning impacts your operational performance.

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