Keeping Post-Millennials Engaged With Performance Support Systems

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Post-millennials are more ready than any generation to be make use of performance support systems. This generation is even more savvy about and reliant on technology than Millennials. To understand Generation Z, we must first understand the world they were born into/grew up in. Post-millennials don’t know what life was like before the Internet. They were introduced to smartphone and tablet technology before they were even in middle school and have had the Internet on the go ever since. They know that information is there for the taking, for free.

Here are three features all performance support systems should emphasize if they want to engage post-millennials:

Instant Gratification

Post-millennials expect to learn where they are. This is a generation that started getting information on the go through smartphones as early as elementary school. They understand the idea of performance support inherently, because they’ve always had answers at their fingertips.


Post-millenials have come to expect access to information whenever they want it, even off hours. Their worlds have always been WiFi-enabled. The answer to any question is just a Google search away. A good performance support system brings the information they need closer than a web search, keeping the video, audio, or text files on their mobile devices for easy access. When they have access the to the information provided by the learning management system during all hours of the day, they won’t need to look elsewhere and can stay on-task.


Gen Z wants to share their successes and progress with their friends, family, and internet followers. Social media is a major cornerstone in the lives of post-millennials and plays a large role in their day-to-day activties. Giving these young workers a performance support system with the ability to share their milestones and results will allow them to encourage each other while feeling good about their own development.

While we don’t know what life will be like for the next generation (Gen AA?), post-millennials deserve our consideration right now as they enter the workforce. Baby Boomers may have struggled to understand what’s important to Millennials because Boomers didn’t grow up with the internet. Gen X and Y are on a more equal cultural footing with Gen Z, so the transition won’t be as rough.

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