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How Empowering Your Mobile Workers Drives Profitability

By: Bob Paulsen on June 23, 2020


Mobile employees are your face to your customers. When they feel empowered to contribute to the company's values and goals, they will carry those forward to create positive customer experiences. Empowering your workforce means giving employees the trust and autonomy to make decisions, and to be accountable for the results.

Benefits of empowering your mobile workers

The benefits of empowerment include:

  • Increased productivity, because employees have access to the most up-to-date resources, they can make decisions quicker and move ahead with work faster.

  • Quicker response time to issues and problems, because employees don't have to constantly wait for information and guidance.

  • Stronger employee commitment to the company and achieving its goals.

And these benefits tie in to your company's profitability. A Forbes article cited Gallup's State of the American Workplace reporting that "engaged workers are more present and productive". The report stated that the difference in employee engagement can result in a 21% increase in profitability.

But giving employees permission to take action and make decisions requires trust and confidence that their actions are in line with company values. Along with this responsibility, companies must provide employees with the knowledge, skills, and information required to make decisions. For a mobile workforce, it needs to be at their fingertips.

Keys to letting your mobile workforce make effective decisions

Keys to success include:

  • An effective onboarding strategy that engages mobile employees with the company's values, trains them on operational checklists, and provides ongoing eLearning delivered directly to the employee's mobile device. For more information about onboarding a mobile workforce, check out this guide.

  • Mobile workforce management software that ensures frontline employees have instant access to all the information they need to make informed decisions, right at their point of need.

  • Clear direction about what decisions employees are authorized to make, what issues to resolve on their own, and in what situations they should check in or seek guidance.

  • A supportive environment where successes are acknowledged and celebrated, while mistakes result in continued training and guidance.

The Mobile Workforce: Ramping Up Your Organization for Success

The good news is that well-trained and empowered employees become leaders and create a cycle of success. People who feel confident and positive about how their company gets work done will convince coworkers to follow the process. And when you empower employees to share ideas and solve problems, it provides a sense of purpose, which boosts job satisfaction and positive employee experiences. This translates directly to positive customer experiences, and your bottom line.

A Forbes article on how successful business leaders empower their employees quoted Ed Evans, Four Seasons Executive Vice President, saying, "The same level of care that we extend to our guests applies to our people. By empowering our employees and giving them the tools and trust to succeed, they in turn carry our values forward, connecting deeply with our guests and creating the memorable experiences that Four Seasons is known for."

Providing the tools and trust that empower your mobile workforce to do their job efficiently is worth the effort. It's what creates positive customer experiences, and ultimately drives your profitability.

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