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Why Is It Crucial to Focus on Employee Experience in 2020?

By: Angela Han on November 12, 2019


If you are in the restaurant, retail, or hospitality industry, your primary focus is to offer and improve customer experiences by giving them better service than the competitors. However, you can significantly improve the customer experience by concentrating on employee experience and through integrating digital workplace tools.

Having a business with a dependable employee experience translates to an excellent guest experience. Since happiness is contagious, happy staffs equate to happy clients. So, how can your organization enhance the experience of employees and adopt digital workplace tools with the goal of having much more satisfied customers in mind?

A Digital Workplace

The more connected your staff is to the information they need to perform their jobs, the happier they will be, and easier their tasks will be –all while serving consumers effectively and much faster. For instance, you should consider using a team communication application if your interest is establishing a connected workplace that offers an incredible employee experience.

how to strengthen your digital workplace program

What is Employee Experience at the Workplace?

In simple terms, employee experience denotes everything and anything experienced by the employees during their time at an organization. The more positive and attractive these experiences are, the more likely a business will be able to retain and attract new staff.

The Physical Environment Experience

The physical environment is what you can see, taste, touch, or smell at the workplace. It is basically the office floor plan, art that hangs on the walls, and the demographics of the people you work with. Since staffs spend most of their time at work, it is essential to ascertain that they are in a place where they feel comfortable.

For example, working in a comfy environment isn't only linked to elusive feelings of engagement, but having more space air, and light which leads to enhanced physical wellbeing that impacts employee productivity.

Technology and Tools

The technological experience refers to the tools your team requires to perform their tasks. It includes hardware such as iPads and smartphones, but it also relates to software, apps, e-learning.

The primary goal of workplace technology is to make work much more comfortable. Old, non-existent, or archaic technology slows the process and wastes time that could be otherwise spent much more effectively. In order to be ahead of your rivals, innovation is key.

Culture and Environment

Culture is possibly the leading aspect of workplace experience. Simply put, it's the vibe of a place or the feeling you feel when you are working somewhere. It isn't something tangible but instead a set of behaviorisms and guidelines that have been deployed in the workplace.

An article from Forbes outlines that companies that prioritize staff experience attain 2X innovation, 2X customer satisfaction, and 25% higher profitability. This isn't a fluke when you consider that a happy team is much more engaged and productive.

If you like to get more info on employee experience and the digital workplace, download the Gartner report, How to Strengthen Your Digital Workplace Program to Sustain Digital Transformation. The experience of employees is the future of Human Resource.  

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