Employee Onboarding Best Practices to Ramp Up Your Organization

Employee Onboarding Best Practices to Ramp Up Your Organization
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If you’re familiar with PlayerLync, chances are you’ve heard of Bob Paulsen, our CEO and co-founder. Bob prides himself on building great teams and is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience helping organizations reach their potential.


What do executives have in common regarding employee onboarding?

"I've been fortunate to have worked with numerous executives across a number of industries, and one thing that they have in common in terms of employee onboarding is to do it more quickly and make it more personal. There's always pressure on new employees to get in the saddle and feel comfortable quickly, and there's a lot of pressure on the manager to make that happen. The manager has a lot of responsibility, we all know that, so if there is a way to improve the employee onboarding best practices to provide them a better experience in a way that connects with them, it helps them to do a good job. That's what I think will stand out across all the groups in which we work."

How can brands ramp up their organization during a time of change?

"During times of change, one of the things that I have seen in brands that have thrived is increasing the frequency of communications—ensuring frontline workers have quick and frequent updates. 2-way communication is essential; hearing what's happening on the front line allows you to redistribute that information to others as appropriate."

What can be done for employees to learn a brand's process, products, and services?

"Everyone learns in different ways and at a different pace. The best thing a company can do to ensure that their teams have what they need to ramp quickly and adopt new processes, policies, changes, services, etc. is to ensure that they have a mix of different communications and information. Some information may be in the form of a video, and some might be documents or checklists. Those mediums have to fit the function and help guide the employee, as well as personalized for each individual's learning style. It's a tricky thing, but ideally, that's going to get the job done best."

What are the innovative ways you have seen PlayerLync customers ramp up their organizations?

"Our customers are learning from each new opening. With each of their store openings - they can almost create a process and improve upon that process. Our global customers have been reopening in other parts of the world and are using it to help inform their strategies in the US. It takes those learnings not only that are guided upon them by their respective governments but also the experience the communities have with those reopening's and that their team, employees, and their frontline have. Taking those learnings and then sharing them with the next set of locations set to open is a tremendously powerful set of steps that are leading to some great success already."

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