Benefits of Going Mobile: How Digital Forms Effect Waste Reduction

Benefits of Going Mobile: How Digital Forms Effect Waste Reduction
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Going mobile effectively reduces waste, which can save a company anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars annually, depending on the size of the company and actual amount of traditional paper forms are used.

One of the most prominent business myths, is that going green can cost a company, rather than save it money.

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, this myth could theoretically prevent a company from investing in mobile technology that could effectively create a renewed sense of sustainability, which also results in growth.

Investing in mobile technology can not only streamline workflow, simplify, organize and automate tasks, but it also eliminates massive waste which, for many companies, can increase their bottom line immensely.

Going Mobile, Going Green

Going mobile essentially means going green for many companies. Just by using digital forms instead of paper forms can save thousands of trees annually. And why is this important?

Because saving approximately 1,500 trees annually can prevent up to 150-170,000 pounds of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to the processes of cutting the trees down, hauling them, processing them, then distributing the paper to the intermediaries, then bringing them to your company.

However, more directly, this much paper use and waste eliminated from your company’s budget equates to about $58 million in savings – every year.

This is huge in terms of savings through paper waste reduction simply by going mobile.

Further Effects on Waste Reduction


According to Forest Ethics, it costs upwards of $60,000 in file cabinet purchases, not counting the building space which costs by square footage and electricity which can amount to more than $60,000 annually, to store 2 million paper documents. Additionally, approximately 45% of these paper documents are duplicates.


2 million standard digital Word documents can fit on a 30-gigabyte flash drive which is about 2 inches long and can fit in your pocket. The flash drive also costs about $19.99. These documents are also portable, and you can make unlimited copies as needed.

In Conclusion

Going mobile in this digital era is the only logical and sustainable solution for companies of all sizes. Eliminating paper waste can save millions of dollars, not to mention the environment. It will also save on storage costs, the risk of losing a document, and the cost of overhead and the staff it takes to maintain these documents.

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