4 Mobile Workforce Management Trends You Don't Want to Miss

4 Mobile Workforce Management Trends You Don't Want to Miss
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Mobile Workforce Management (or MWM) is changing the way employees work, and the way management conducts business by paving the way for companies to maximize sales, productivity, efficiency, and increase return on investment (ROI). These workforce management software programs and applications are creating a smoother system not just for business management and other workers, but for customers, clients, and patients too! Businesses in many industries are taking advantage of this opportunity and seeing amazing results! Let's look at the most recent mobile workforce management trends.

1. Employee Engagement Gets Revitalized With Mobile Tech

Business owners and staff are refocusing on employee engagement, and it's no surprise why. Engaged mobile workers provide better services and put more time and hard work into their duties and responsibilities and feel more connected to the business for which they work. They are also more likely to show up at work, sending absentee rates downward. Engaged employees know they belong, that they are important, work for an excellent team, and look up to the business culture and values. They have no problem exhibiting the behavior that makes their services top-notch, and they represent the company mission and values desirably.

What Are Some Ways to Engage Mobile Workers?

There are many ways of engaging employees and motivating them to give their best performance. Supervisors, managers and company leadership should try to:

  • Encourage communication with an open-door policy
  • Share information and updates among teams
  • Develop personal connections
  • Take breaks for a short time, or micro-breaks, every hour or couple of hours
  • Provide feedback on every level
  • Reward milestones and successful endeavors
  • Use tools for better collaboration
  • Provide options for ongoing training and personal development

When employees get motivated by other team members and business management and feel they are a part of something bigger, they look forward to coming to work, arrive early, perform above expectations, and show the right attitude. By keeping communication windows open and working on relations, there is a dynamic of understanding. 

What Can Taking Breaks Accomplish?

When employees take momentary breaks every 55 minutes (to check mobile devices, use the restroom, eat a snack, stretch, go outside, get a drink, etc.) It gives them time to replenish themselves, and they come back even more productive and refreshed, ready to take on the workload.

Why are Communication and Feedback Important?

Feedback is essential because it honestly shows where things are going well and where there needs to be a change or improvement. It is a perfect time for communication, constructive criticism, praise, and celebration of effort. Employees perform better when appropriately acknowledged and applauded when they do well.

Mobile workforce management tools to help foster better collaboration and meets the needs of both workers and customers. Providing ongoing training and assisting workers to develop or improve skill sets can also be engaging.

Whether you are using live conferences, real-time chat, task management, workflows, data capturing, project management, inventory, or other features, the software and the tools you need are there at your fingertips.

The Mobile Workforce: Ramping Up Your Organization for Success

2. Increased Employee Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is essential because you have to take care of yourself first before you can begin taking care of someone else or work decently. Poor mental health of an employee can:

  • Poor service
  • Lower productivity and efficiency
  • Lower levels of engagement
  • Result in little to no communication
  • Lead to a higher rate of absenteeism
  • Make way for a decline in physical health and well-being

Luckily there are ways to create a healthier and lighter workspace, like assisting employees in balancing work life and routine self-care or reducing the amount of stress in an environment by taking a micro-break. Offering support, providing additional career opportunities or additional training, and celebrating contributions and milestones are all healthy ways of channeling. Sometimes it's as simple as talking about the issues bothering them, and offering your support and insight to make things better.

3. Increased Employee Focus on Engagement and Productivity

Increasing employee engagement is one of the top five business strategies of executives from around the globe. Increased engagement means an increase in productivity, customer retention, company reputation, and stakeholder value.  Highly engaged employees are more productive and committed to the company they work for. 

4. Personalization of the Mobile Workplace Management and Fast Communication

Whether you use a single software program or a combination, you can hold virtual conferences, take and pass notes, plan, create checklists and task lists, produce streaming workflow, allocate tasks (or automate task assigning), and so much more. 

Personalized learning is a new customizable feature for many employees. They can have learning tailored to their specific job or job for promotion, according to their needs and level of understanding. They can learn on the job or on the side according to what they need to improve upon. 

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