Benefits of Effective Communication and Collaboration Tools for Deskless Employees

Benefits of Effective Communication and Collaboration Tools for Deskless Employees
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According to Forbes, roughly 2.7 billion people don't use a desk at work. These employees aren't in front of a computer and often lack effective ways to communicate with their colleagues, human resources, and management.

When a retail company sets out to build their brand it is very important to take into consideration the actual amount of weight they are placing on the shoulders of their frontline employees. These employees are the face of that company. They are also the key component of the company's success or failure. You need these employees to be their very best on a consistent basis and there are tools to help you, and them along the way.

the state of internal communications for frontline employees

Frontline Retail Employee Communication and Collaboration

Building an effective communication platform for your frontline, deskless employees is all about getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

You begin to build this platform by:

  • From day one, you emphasize that you have an 'open door' policy to each and every employee working in the trenches. Let it be known from the start that any issue or idea will not only be heard but will be appreciated and acknowledged.
  • The frontline deskless employee must know that they are empowered as representatives of the company. They need to know what an important role that they are playing in the company's success. They also should know that between the company and the consumer, they are the vital component of that equation.
  • Implement the use of employee collaboration tools. Make it a policy that each frontline, deskless worker is more than just an employee. They are the key collaborator to the corporate face of the company.
  • Create a casual environment. Instead of scheduling stiff 'in office' employee evaluations perform these off the cuff in a casual place where the employee begins to realize just how much empowerment you are giving them. You want them to be a part of the team, so in turn be a part of their team. One on one and casual collaboration is what you want.
  • Hard data on an employee's performance is only good for the eyes that see it. Involve the employee with his or her performance data and encourage ideas on how to improve and progress.

The Right Collaboration Tools Are At Your Fingertips

At PlayerLync, we are the place to begin building your collaboration tool success. We have a myriad of collaboration tools for making your frontline, deskless employees a success story.

A good place to start is with our e-book, The State of Internal Communications for Frontline Employees, from there you can begin to build the collaboration tool set between management and frontline employees.

These types of tools are essential for retail industry, specifically sub industries such as quick service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware and discount stores. Basically anywhere that there are employees that represent you and the corporate image.

Be creative. Build your platform. Build your team. Rely on PlayerLync to help you and your frontline, deskless employees to be more than just employees. They are collaborators to success.