Why Going Mobile With Your Training Is The Way To Go

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Remember that one high school class that was so boring? It was so difficult to stay awake and you couldn't wait for the bell to ring. Now…think about your current training system. Would *you* want to be sitting in a back office, leafing through a binder or watching some outdated DVD or video? (I'm shaking my head 'no' and I'm just the writer!) Let's take a look at some reasons why you should move out of the back office and onto tablets for training.

You can train your employees where they work

When watching training DVDs and reading documents in an office, employees can lose some retention when moving to where they work, whether out on the sales floor, in the kitchen, on the playing field, or other situation. If they can watch and learn and then put into practice without having to transition, they will have immediate imprinting of processes. This immediacy improves retention and reduces costs over the long run.

You can ensure your content is up to date

Instead of having to hire a video company to re-shoot your training videos, or tasking a location manager with receiving, reviewing, and changing out the paper documentation, you can just replace the content on the tablet automatically. This works best when it's a seamless push operation that syncs the new data and removes the old. All content is up-to-date with little to no interaction and learning continues without having to wait for updates from Corporate.

Consistent messaging

When you have stagnant training materials, there can be a tendency to create different processes to cover gaps in knowledge. With tablet-based training, uniform communication can be achieved with little effort - as long as you have a mobile content management system that makes it easy to distribute content automatically. Some apps even allow for annotating or recording new content that can be uploaded back to headquarters for feedback or redistribution!

It feels like the future

Ok, this probably isn't a great reason, but come on. It's pretty sci-fi and cool.

If we haven't convinced you now that going mobile with your training materials is the way to go, then prove it to yourself. Analyze your current training setup and seeing how much re-training is done, or how much time is wasted by having your best employees holding the hands of the trainees. Be honest, and see if you might not reap some big benefits from using a little tablet.

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