Use Just-in-Time Learning & Become a High-Impact Learning Organization

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In order to become a high-impact learning organization, you must embrace just-in-time learning. But what exactly is just-in-time learning? This is a concept that has actually been around since mankind first began searching for answers.

Just-in-time learning is the seeking of and finding answers right here and right now. It is when you read a blog post and see a hyperlink to another article that explains an aspect of the post you want to know more about. It is asking the person next to you to explain a part of a movie that went over your head. It is when you Google an answer to a question that randomly popped in your head.

This learning is the ability to obtain the information you need, when you need it. It does not mean waiting for normal business hours to get a response to a query. It does not mean waiting until tomorrow to make a phone call to get more information. And it doesn’t mean waiting until next week until the letter comes in the mail to find out.

It means getting the information now. Right now.

Becoming a High-Impact Learning Organization

For businesses such as restaurants and retail stores, ongoing training and learning means keeping your employees longer and increasing your ability to promote from within. It means having employees that are better equipped to handle customer related situations as they happen, understanding the value of their service, and can see the effect they have on the success of the business they represent.

When ongoing learning is implemented, businesses prosper. Becoming a high-impact learning organization means better organizational alignment throughout the entirety of your business through maintaining the ability to offer management positions to all employees.

Embracing Just-In-Time Learning

When your company introduces software that utilizes mobile learning to your employees through consumable means, you are giving them the information they need, when they need it.

When employees are able to access information on the fly, their reaction time to any given situation becomes more effective, fast.

By creating a climate of instant knowledge, you are hereby granting every employee the equal opportunity for growth. This growth in knowledge will present itself in their customer service as well as their enthusiasm for their job. Granting the opportunity for promotion effectually increases the performance of all who participate.

By providing the tools for just-in-time learning, you will successfully transform your company into a high-impact learning organization.

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