The (R)evolution of Restaurant Training Programs

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The history of training restaurant employees - cooks, especially - has long been the head chef or top server taking the time to train the new staff. It doesn't take long to see that this is highly inefficient, having your best people spending their valuable time going over minor details. However, there is a new direction for restaurant training, and it doesn't require your senior staff to repeat themselves over and over. It all starts with an Apple or Windows tablet.


Training videos for restaurants used to seem impossible or like overkill. You would have to set up cameras in the kitchen and make a big production of shooting and editing the video, only to have it stashed away in a back room. Now, with mobile devices capable of capturing usable video over and over again, video is not only easy to capture and share, but it is easy for new employees to watch at their stations! No more trainees falling asleep while watching some outdated video in the back of house. If your kitchen or server station has the proper areas set up, new employees can see exactly the process for cooking, plating, serving, and ringing up the food, right where they work.

Something to refer back to

Part of the learning process for any skill is repetition, and learning the ropes in a restaurant is unlike most other service industries. Once the doors are open and the stove is hot, there's not much idle time for the senior staff to coach new employees. With video training systems, new staff can view processes and procedures independent of other employees, only having to take suggestions as the shift continues.

Lowers training costs

When you have both your senior staff and your new hires spending time in training, you have two people being paid for the benefit of one. While the experience of your head chef and top server is invaluable, you can save money and time by having trainees learn the basics from an unpaid employee - your tablet and mobile content management system.

Keeping your new employees engaged and your current employees on-task is much easier with a training system that works between the two. With an initial investment, you can train people at a fraction of the cost and time you're used to. With the unfortunate rate of turnover in the service industry, you can't afford *not* to evolve your training process to incorporate the latest in video technology training.

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