PlayerLync MCM Announces New Partnership With Jamf Along With Jamf’s New Single Login Workflow for iPhone and iPad Shared Device Management

PlayerLync, the leading Mobile Content Management (MCM) solution for enterprise mobility, today announced a new partnership with Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management to simplify and secure shared-device deployments. With this new release, a user's cloud identity credentials can be used to instantly provision and de-provision an iOS or iPadOS device for their individual needs - all while supporting a native single sign-on workflow, wirelessly and without needing IT to touch the device.

With Jamf and PlayerLync now working together, enterprise mobile deployments are becoming standardized, scalable, and efficient for IT mobility leaders,” said Brad Stutzman, head of partnerships at PlayerLync. Formalizing our partnership opens new doors for our engineering and customer teams to collaborate in cohesive and streamlined ways to build the strongest mobile infrastructure for IT departments and enable the best work experiences for employees using iPhone and iPad. The Jamf Setup and Reset apps with Single Login for shared device management is an example of such an initiative.”

While individualized experiences on shared devices are basic for streaming-oriented content management platforms, these solutions are insufficient and costly for the workflow needs of deskless, frontline employees, especially those sharing devices with other co-workers. They introduce information security risks, while ineffectively navigating the network connectivity challenges often found in these frontline environments. In efforts to decrease information security risks and ensure the integrity of data audits, IT leaders have been forced to require employees to authenticate with a username and password every time they open enterprise apps. But as more and more apps are deployed for various use cases, login fatigue is a primary point of friction between users and a great experience. 

Jamfs new Single Login workflow aims to solve this problem by helping the user of a shared iOS device have a seamless login process on their iPad or iPhone. Jamf Setup and Reset, now with Single Login, delivers a streamlined user experience, meaning a users cloud identity credentials can be used to instantly configure an iOS or iPadOS device for their individual needs by enabling access to a specified suite of apps, all while commencing a single sign-on workflow across all supported workflow apps. Users are only required to enter their credentials once at the start of the session and are no longer burdened by repetitive manual password entry.

To launch the partnership, PlayerLync is announcing product integration support for Jamf Single Login. Customers can now utilize Jamfs new single sign-on workflow to automatically log the employee into PlayerLync and instantly provision and de-provision the users authorized access to corporate-managed digital resources (documents, videos, eLearning, and other content formats). Files remain securely stored on the device hard drive and are activated or de-activated based on the current users permissions. Content is still managed remotely in the cloud by corporate administrators and automatically downloaded to the device using PlayerLyncs proprietary sleep-synchronization technology.

Were proud to partner with Jamf to enable a more streamlined login experience for our users. This partnership will not only fortify information security compliance but also drive a significant increase in the use of digital resources,” explained Greg Menard, CTO of PlayerLync. From the worlds highest-performing athletes to millions of deskless employees around the world, we are confident the partnership with Jamf, the integration with Jamf’s Single Login workflow, and our future collaborations will continue to establish PlayerLync as the most powerful and reliable MCM for any IT departments mobile infrastructure.” 

Information and links to PlayerLyncs Jamf configurations can be found in Jamfs marketplace (