Leverage Technology to Educate a New Workforce & Empower Your Employees

Leverage Technology to Educate a New Workforce & Empower Your Employees
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From the application process through hiring, training, and promoting, managers need to educate and empower employees. Technology helps the deskless workforce (prevalent in the hospitality and restaurant industries) learn in many ways, in all different places, and at convenient times.

The Basics for Hospitality Managers

Three main points constitute employee education and encouraging employee retention in the hospitality and restaurant industries. An effective learning management system (LMS) addresses these basic points: 

  • Employee onboarding including initial training, orientation, and connecting with a mentor or leader within the company. An effective LMS allows employees to train right from the start wherever and whenever it's convenient for all involved. This means that managers don't have to wait for training materials to arrive or for all members of the next training class to be available. It also makes updates to the training materials incredibly simple for employers to implement. 
  • Ongoing training throughout the time an employee is in a position is often necessary in the hospitality and restaurant industries. A restaurant manager or hospitality manager deals with a constantly changing competition set, with new marketing strategies every quarter, new menu items, and new promotions for the hotel or restaurant they're running. A reliable LMS helps make sure that this information is in the hands of employees without the need for long and tiresome meetings or coordinating extra training classes. 
  • In-house promotions are a lot easier when the employee can learn the information necessary in pieces and at convenient times. This empowers them to aim higher because new positions are more accessible when they don't have to stop working to take time to learn the new position. 

Refer to our guide on how to  Find Train Keep - Addressing Challenges in Hospitality Hiring and Retention with Better Technology for more detailed information. 

Educate A New Kind of Workforce

A new generation has officially entered the workforce and, including the technologically educated millennials, they're far more inclined to learn through technology than with a big brick of paper that they probably won't want to lug around in the first place.

  1. The freedom to train anywhere and complete onboarding requirements is a big deal for a new workforce. This also opens up the possibility for social interaction between employees on their own time and allows for relationships to build that encourage employee retention.
  2. When new items are debuted and policies are updated, employees can have flexibility to get the information and learn it as needed. With the right LMS, you can even set e-mail reminders and use video scenarios to provide examples of how to sell items and implement new policies. 
  3. A mobile LMS empowers current employees to learn about new positions by connecting with higher ups and managers that will teach them how to go for the promotions they really want. 
  4. As a hotel manager or restaurant manager, one thing you may be concerned about is your facility's carbon footprint. By using a mobile LMS instead of the old school paper materials, you're using less paper in favor of a training and communication method that is environmentally friendly. 
  5. Restaurant and hotel employees are constantly switching shifts and the right technology helps hospitality managers handle these swaps in a breeze. This flexibility empowers current employees and builds trust between management and line workers. 

Build Effective Relationships

Hospitality managers have the added challenge of interacting socially with line workers without crossing the line between employer and friend. It's a tough line to tread and technology helps build the trust that's needed without managers having to worry that their employees will stop seeing them as an authority figure. Find out how an effective LMS will help educate, empower, and retain your employees today! 

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