It's Just Not Fair – Other Mobile Content Management Solutions Don't Compare

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Most content management systems do little more than just that: manage content. PlayerLync is more than just file sync, however. It's a communication and collaboration system for mobile devices with features that are unmatched across a range of industries. Comparing other training systems or content management systems to what we do just isn't fair.

Easy to find what you need

The first thing you'll notice is the clean, uncluttered interface that makes it easy to find and use documents, whether text or video. Files are sorted into one of three columns and grouped however you choose. There's no nested folder mess to navigate and all content is available within two taps. This simplicity makes the PlayerLync software easy to use for power users and tech novices alike.

Easy to collaborate with others

The next advantage is how the integrated annotation system makes collaboration a snap. PlayerLync annotations are more than just text comments attached to a file – you can draw, highlight, underline, and even stamp videos to a specific section of the document. Annotations don't edit the document itself, and you can even choose who gets to see your notes.

100% mobile

PlayerLync was designed for mobile devices from the beginning so you can view your content on the go. Sales staff can take their entire suite of supporting documents into a client meeting, retail training can happen on the sales floor instead of a back office, and restaurant workers can review video of food preparation right at their work station. All content is stored on the device and can sync while the devices are sleeping, which eliminates the hassle of having someone hook up the devices to a computer to transfer the data. You can also set a time window for device sync, which cuts down bandwidth usage during the day.

Video compression for faster downloads

When we talk about syncing video, you might think that would greatly increase file download times. However, PlayerLync's compression technology saves bandwidth by shrinking video files through compression - up to 97%! – but retains sound and visual quality. Smaller file size means faster downloads so you're not stuck waiting.

These are just a few of the features that set PlayerLync apart from other content management and training systems. Check out our Resources page for case studies, eBooks, and videos with more information and real-world examples of how PlayerLync is helping companies in the retail, restaurant, entertainment, and other industries keep their content moving and their employees informed.

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