4 Reasons Training Managers Need Mobile Training for Employees

4 Reasons Training Managers Need Mobile Training for Employees
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The retail industry is growing and transforming rapidly due to technological impact. Notably, how training employees continues to change. Mobile training has proven to be a resourceful method to train frontline employees – being a sustainable and convenient technique. Here are four reasons for organizations to incorporate mobile training into their training strategy.

1. Employee Engagement

Businesses can only grow if employees are in a continuous process of learning and advancing their knowledge. To do that, employees need to be engaged. Mobile training is oriented to avail the training requirements of every learner. Individuals can customize their education to suit them and what they need. Mobile devices are favorable for people who want to learn at the point of need. Employee Engagement is a crucial requirement for staying ahead of the competition.

2. Easy Access

As the name suggests, mobile training entails accessing information from portable devices wherever an employee is located. Also, training managers can use different content types to ensure employees have ready information in a format they're used to viewing. In the presentation, Digital & Mobile Transformation in the Retail Industry - Research by Harvard College Consulting Group, training does not have to be a seminar or workshop. It could simply be an eLearning course or short video. Due to the flexibility of mobile learning, training can go where your employees are. 

digital & mobile transformation in the retail industry

3. Microlearning Capabilities 

Since the information and knowledge are readily available to employees, training does not have to be a stipulated length of time. Microlearning – training done in short bursts of time – can improve knowledge retention of employees. Since these training sessions are shorter, employees have more opportunity to train. Microlearning is more beneficial than receiving a training session occasionally – especially for knowledge retention. Time is a valuable resource so training managers should utilize mobile training and maximize down time in the store towards employee productivity.

4. Personalized Training

Besides consuming information, mobile training offers the opportunity to personalize training for employees. With less time being spent in-person, training managers can spend time creating a training strategy geared towards specific organizational needs. This will help create and maintain engagement throughout the frontline workforce, continuing to drive productivity towards the organization's goals.

Mobile training offers so much to employees and organizations. The workforce is getting younger, while having lived more of their life in the digital age. In fact, nearly 80% of the employees in retail stores today are from generation X, Y, and Z. Mobile devices are not only becoming the norm, they are the norm. It's time to include this powerful technology to boost your organization. To learn more, read our report: Digital & Mobile Transformation in the Retail Industry - Research by Harvard College Consulting Group