3 Ways Mobile Learning Boosts Your Hotel CSAT Ratings

By: Carrie McFarland on June 11, 2019


Mobile learning software is technology that facilitates the creation, organization, and delivery of content, and resources to learners as well as end users. An increasingly vital necessity in the hospitality sector, it streamlines the training and management of employees. You can monitor, assess participation, and performance from wherever you are, using your mobile device.

The Mobile LMS enables you to track housekeeping operation, receive maintenance updates, and even ease customer check-ins and checkouts. Also, employees can access data through their mobile phones at any time.

Customers will, therefore, enjoy enhanced service, making their visits pleasantly memorable. Your hotel will vastly profit from high customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings that are increasingly amplified across various social media platforms, translating into more referrals.

Below are the significant advantages of Mobile Learning.

1. Easier access to information

A mobile LMS reduces the risk of data loss through crashed drives or misplacement of documents. Since you can frequently upload, modify, upgrade, or even add on to the available content, your employees can instantly be in the know. Alert them about significant operating procedures, inform them about the introduction of new equipment, products, and even system upgrades.

Mobile learning allows you to design and your personalized custom modules while ensuring consistent delivery, tracking, and evaluation.

2. Saves you plenty of money and time

Gone are the days when you had to spend significant amounts of money on training workshops, travel costs, and even hiring instructors. Because everything you need is mobility available, you don't need to print reams of training manuals. Our latest guide "Ditch the Paper Binders: 5 Successful Steps for Going Mobile" highlights these benefits. The reduced running costs frees up your budget to enhance your hotel, or pass on a fraction of the savings to your customers in the form of discounts, gifts, and value-added services. 

Reduced training times means that your employees are available to carry out their tasks, as well as focus more on providing guests with the best possible experiences since all the information needed is available in a systematic, organized manner. A further benefit is that the Mobile LMS is a platform for collaborative and interactive learning, allowing employees and management to share real-time challenges and provide timely solutions. Communication channels are, therefore, permanently open.

3. Stay up to date with compliance

Mobile learning helps your hotel stay up-to-date with compliance regulations as well as the ever-changing practices in the industry. In a matter of minutes, employees are made aware of company policies and expectations, creating a significant boost to your customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings.

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